Congratulations to the following AASD members who have been selected as AASD Distinguished Leaders for 2019-20.  They will be honored on August 14 at an AASD Zoom Celebration.  Details of the Zoom celebration are located in the calendar section of the AASD website.

Certificated Central Office:
      Kristin Makena, Program Manager, Special Education
Certificated Central Office:
      Maria Montgomery, Principal on Special Assignment, Office of Language
Classified Manager:
      Samantha Clabaugh, Operations Specialist, PPO
Classified Supervisor:
      Paula Hamar, Supervising Rehabilitation Specialist, Mental Health
Resource Center
Food Services Supervisor/Area Supervisor:
      Gulfer Sado, Food Services, Mira Mesa Cluster
Principal, Elementary:
      Gina Camacho-McGrath, Principal, Fletcher Elementary
Principal, Elementary:
      Justin Phillips, Principal, Walker Elementary
Principal, K-8:
      Rosario Villareal, Principal, Language Academy
Principal, Middle Level:
      Scott Irwin, Principal, Dana Middle
Principal, Senior High:
      Ernie Remillard, Principal, Mission Bay High
Retiree Network:
      Patti Burch, Retired
Vice Principal:
      Myra Perdomo-Melendez, Vice Principal, Montgomery Middle

Special Recognition:
      Jon Robell, Vice Principal, Standley Middle
      Jennifer Nash, Vice Principal, Muirlands Middle
      Joey Lepetri, Vice Principal, Dana Middle
      Antoinette (Toni) Curtis, Vice Principal, Oak Park Elementary
(Special Recognition for being the founding co-chairs of the new
Vice Principal’s Council)

Special Recognition:
      Julie Garcia, Program Manager, Educational Technology
(Special Recognition for her leadership during the pandemic in
regards to developing and implementing thousands of hours of
training for staff)