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Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of eleven members to include the President, Past President, Vice President – Certificated, Vice President – Classified, Secretary/Treasurer and one Director from Elementary, Secondary, Central Office Certificated, Health and Welfare Benefits Committee Representative as well as two Directors from the Classified group. (Refer to AASD Bylaws, Article VI.)

The Executive Board is the planning body of AASD. The functions of the Executive Board include: monitoring the actions of the President; making recommendations to the Board of Directors, as needed, regarding personnel matters and matters affecting AASD; presenting motions to the Board of Directors for its approval; and acting for and in the place of the Board of Directors when directed to do so.

Donis Coronel
(619) 295-2118
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Juan Romo
Past President
(619) 236-5600 x3001
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Dana Shelburne
Vice President, Certificated
(858) 637-6223
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Glenn Boogren
Vice President, Classified
(858) 637-3698
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Dianne Cordero
Teacher Prep and Support
(858) 256-2710
Peggy Zickert
(858) 496-8107
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Don Craig
Health and Welfare
(619) 725-7567
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Maria Gomez
(619) 479-5638
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Peter Johnson
ACSA Representative
(858) 454-3081
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John Hensley
Operations Division
Jolie Pickett
Senior High Principals
(619) 362-4500
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