AASD Weekly Update 02-01-18


  • MARCH 15 NOTICES FOR CERTIFICATED AASD UNIT MEMBERS.  Information from the District is that March 15 notices will be issued to certificated AASD members using the process the District has been using over the past couple of years.
    March 15 notices will be issued to:

    Targeted Principals Only (Those Principals who are on intensive support)
    All Vice Principals (Those who the District believes may/will be affected will be called to a meeting in Human Resources.  An AASD representative will also be invited to the meeting.)
    All Central Office Certificated Managers (Those who the District believes may/will be  affected will be called to a meeting in Human Resources.  An AASD representative will also be invited to the meeting.)
    Exactly what is a March 15 notice? 
      It’s a notice given by districts to certificated administrators notifying them that they may be released, demoted, or reassigned for the following school year beginning July 1. (California Education Code, Section 44951)

     So the notice may be delivered to the employee in two ways?
    Yes, either by registered mail or hand delivered. If the notice is hand delivered, the district must obtain a signature from the employee signifying it was received

    Does the board of education have to approve the March 15 notices?
    The board of education must approve the second step in the process, which is final notice with the specific action to be taken, prior to July 1.
    What advice do you have for AASD certificated members who suspect they may be receiving a March 15 notice?
    Contact the AASD office for guidance and representation.
  • WORK YEAR CALENDARS FOR CERTIFICATED PRINCIPALS, VICE PRINCIPALS AND CERTIFICATED CENTRAL OFFICE MANAGERS FOR 2018-19.  The work year calendars have been set for the certificated AASD members for the 2018-19 school year.  Click on the links to view the specific Calendars:

                    Elem/Mid Level Principals Traditional

                    Elem/Mid Level Principals, Year Round

                    High School Principals

                    Vice Principal, Traditional

                    Vice Principal, Year Round

                    Central Office Certificated Management 12 mo.
                     Certificated Management AASD and Non-Represented


    The next bargaining session is scheduled for February 21, 2018.

    For previous Bargaining updates, please click here  to view the documents.

  • MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW AND SIGN UP VIA ERO FOR THE AASD/SDUSD SPRING CONFERENCE (MANDATORY ATTENDANCE FOR ALL AASD MEMBERS)  Our annual AASD/SDUSD Spring Conference will be held on March 20, 2018, from 7:30 AM to 12 noon, at the Scottish Rite Event Center in Mission Valley.  Our theme this year is Find Balance – Keep Moving – a theme that resonates with all of us.  As the great Albert Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”  The AASD Professional Development Committee, co-chaired by John Hensley and Carlos Ramirez, has worked hard to create a morning of professional development and networking that provides AASD members with useful and helpful insight and information to assist with finding balance and to help us all keep moving.  Click here  to view the flyer, which provides all of the information about the event, and sign up via ERO soon!  This event is co-hosted by AASD and SDUSD.  The complimentary breakfast is sponsored by CALPRO and Mission Federal Credit Union .  
    The next Workload Work Group meeting will be on February 28 . For previous workload updates click here.   AASD is keeping certificated workload at the forefront and will continue to advocate for our members!
    Please review CalCoast's flyer on available scholarship information. Scholarship applications are available at calcoastcu.org. All applications must be received by, or postmarked no later than, March 31, 2018. Click here for the Foster student application, and click here for the College-bound high school student application. 

  • JOB POSTINGS FOR CERTIFICATED POSITIONS AND CLASSIFIED POSITIONS IN THE AASD UNIT.  AASD has been asked to publish the job postings in our Weekly Update. AASD also suggests that all applicants (classified and certificated) mark their calendars to check weekly for new job postings each Monday.  This way, you will not miss out on a posting you might be interested in (as all jobs in the AASD unit must be posted for 10 days).  Additionally, jobs in other units will be posted.


    None at this time.


    None at this time.

  • SAVE THE DATES FOR AASD EVENTS!  The following dates are for AASD-sponsored activities during the 2017-18 school year.  Please mark your calendar now and save the date.  These events are for all AASD members - Regular, Affiliate and Retired.  More information will be forthcoming regarding each event.  Our union is only as strong as the membership and your participation! 
  • March 20, 2018, 7:00 am-12:30 pm, Spring P.D. Conference, Scottish Rite Event Center, Mission Valley. Click here to view flyer.
  • May 10, 2018, 4-7 pm, AASD Spring Membership Meeting, Marina Village, Catalina Room (new location)
  • June 22, 2018, 5-10 pm, AASD Summerfest, Marina Village, Seaside Room
  • WHERE IS THE MONEY?  ONE-TIME PAYMENT/AASD MOU WITH SDUSD.  As you may recall, in Spring 2017, AASD signed off on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the District regarding a permanent reduction in work year.  Please see #4 and #4 A-F for the negotiated language, click link to view document.  Since negotiating this last April, AASD began in June 2017 requesting a meeting with the District to discuss.  The District did not meet with AASD until late October and the attached LCFF Funding Comparison spreadsheet was provided click link to view.  Line 22 shows that the total change in LCFF Base Funding Resulting from State Enacted Budget was $2,241,459.  The District’s position is that there is no money for the “one-time payment” as the money was used to meet the District’s “required obligations,” including the reserve fund.  On November 1, AASD submitted a formal request for information click link to view, asking two very important questions.  The response from the district was just received last week and will be reviewed by the AASD Executive Board.  Since last Spring, AASD has been diligent in following up on this negotiated agreement.  A permanent work year reduction was negotiated in good faith on the part of AASD – unfortunately the District then flip-flopped two weeks later and gave other classified bargaining units a temporary furlough.  In exchange for agreeing to the permanent work year reduction, AASD was to receive this one-time payment.  Now that it is time to keep the agreement, all of a sudden there are alleged “required obligations.”  The AASD Board of Directors has been briefed on this matter and has provided direction in terms of next steps.  
  • EMPOWER HOUR SELF-DEFENSE WORKSHOP.  Interested in learning more about self-defense?  Sign up now for the Empower Hour women’s group self-defense class which will be held on February 27 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at the AASD office.  Appetizers, beverages and door prizes will be provided.  There is limited seating so please only sign up if you are planning to attend.  If the sign up is full, please e-mail donis@aasdcs.org to be placed on the waiting list.  This event is sponsored by CALPRO, California Casualty, ACSA Region 18 and AASD Click here for more information.  Click on the following link to RSVP 
    https://www.eventbrite.com/e/empower-hour-empowered-women-and-self-defense-tickets-42241116316 .  
    North Island Credit Union, A Division of California Credit Union, is pleased to announce their Annual Scholarship Program is now available. Their program is designed to acknowledge exceptional students throughout the greater San Diego area. They will award 10 scholarships of $1,000 each to students who are motivated in their academic endeavors, active in their schools, and contributing to their community, giving back to others through their participation, service, and volunteer work. Submission of an essay and letter of recommendation will provide a testament to the character and abilities of the student applicant. Applications are accepted until March 16, 2018.
    Applicant Qualifications
  • Graduating high school senior enrolling into a two- or four-year college
    Community college student transferring into a four-year university
  • Minimum 3.0 grade point average (GPA)
  • Evidence of community and/or school involvement
  • Online applications are being accepted through March 16, 2018.
    For more information please see
    attached flyer  to apply or visit  northisland.ccu.com/scholarship
  • NEW AASD COMMITTEE – ARE YOU INTERESTED IN SERVING The AASD Board of Directors has approved the creation of a new committee within AASD called the AASD Scholarship Committee.  AASD currently offers scholarships that are awarded yearly to children or step-children of our AASD members who are graduating seniors and are going on to a college or vocational program.  The $500 scholarships are funded by annual and lifetime dues collected from retired members of AASD.  The work of this newly-formed committee will be to explore and implement ways to expand and grow the AASD scholarship program.  Co-Chairs of the new committee are Richard Nash, Principal, Madison High and Nancy Picone, Manager, Accounts Payable, Finance Division.  If you would like to serve on this new AASD committee, please contact Donis Coronel at donis@aasdcs.org .  The committee will meet monthly, beginning in February, on the last Monday of the month, from 3:30-5:00 PM at the AASD office.
  • ACSA CLASSIFIED EDUCATIONAL LEADERS INSTITUTE – REDONDO BEACH Please see the attached brochure regarding the upcoming Classified Educational Leaders Institute in Redondo Beach on March 1-2, 2018.  While there is a cost for ACSA members and Non-ACSA members, this is an excellent opportunity for professional development geared specifically towards classified managers and supervisors.  If you do attend, AASD has the ability to reimburse $100 per member from the AASD Professional Growth Grant (see article under Reminders).  Click here for brochure .   
  • CONTINUED MEMBERSHIP IN THE ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS (ACSA).  As was reported in June, the District notified AASD that they will no longer pay their share (50%) of the ACSA dues for AASD members.  For the past three years, AASD and SDUSD had an agreement whereupon the District paid 50% of the cost of ACSA dues and AASD paid 50% of the cost of ACSA dues.  All AASD members were then provided with membership in ACSA, as well as professional development activities, as part of the agreement.  The agreement ended 6/30/2017.

    There are many benefits of continuing to be an ACSA Member – as detailed in this handout (click on link).   ACSA is offering a one-year special for AASD members of membership for one dollar ($1) per day.  Dues are deducted 10 times a year (September-June).

    If AASD members are interested in continuing membership with ACSA, please complete the application (click on link) and return it via e-mail to Deborah Burke, ACSA, at dburke@acsa.org. Please review the attached summary of benefits sheet for ACSA membership (click here).

  • PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS.  AASD communicates with members via  personal e-mail address.  We do not communicate via "sandi.net."  If your personal email address changes, please remember to notify AASD by e-mailing our Office Clerk, Jim Costello, at  Jim@aasdcs.org .
  • AASD PROFESSIONAL GROWTH GRANT.  The Administrators Association San Diego City Schools (AASD), in conjunction with the San Diego Unified School District, provides financial grants to members to assist them in their professional growth. Unit members who participate in professional development activities related to job-connected skills or potential careers with the District may qualify to have the cost of registration fees defrayed by available funds up to $100. This includes ACSA-sponsored Academies, Conferences and Institutes.  Click here  f or more details. 
  • "BENEFIT HUB" FROM WILD AT WORK.  Check out the discount program by Wild at Work – BenefitHub!  All AASD members have access to thousands of discounts which allows you to save on everything from movies and theme parks to restaurants and sporting events

    This free service provides discounts to theme parks, hotels, and entertainment destinations (i.e., San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Universal Studios, Sea World, etc.). Register online to take advantage of a variety of terrific discounts.  Special offers and discounts are always changing, so check back frequently.  You can purchase and print tickets from the convenience of your home.  Visit their website at www.wildatwork.com (you will be redirected to the "Benefit Hub" website). Click on “Register” and under “Employees,” enter “AASD” for the company name.  If you have any questions about registering, or encounter any problems, call the AASD office for assistance.  If you have any questions about or need assistance with the Wild at Work or Benefit Hub website, you can contact Support at (866) 664-4621.

  • DISCOUNT MOVIE TICKETS.  AASD has both AMC and Regal Entertainment Group (Regal/Edwards/UA) movie passes available to members.  Regal tickets are $8.50 each. These passes have no expiration date and are unrestricted, so they can be used any time and for newly-released movies.  

    The AMC "Black" tickets are $10.25 each, have no expiration date, and do not have any restrictions.  Contact AASD to purchase tickets or if you have any questions.  
  •   SEE'S CANDIES.  See's Candies gift certificates are available for purchase at AASD.  A gift certificate for one pound of chocolates is now $16.90 each.  They have no expiration date. The current retail amount for a pound of chocolates is $19.90, which saves you $3.00 per pound.    

    Administrators Association of San Diego (AASD) members qualify for quantity discounts on See's candy at the Quantity Discount Rosecrans store. To redeem your discount, show a valid ID; your AASD member card, and provide our account number 6472612. This discount is only valid at 3751 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA 92110.



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