AASD Weekly Update 05-03-18


  • AASD WORKS FOR YOUR BENEFIT -- THE LIST OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS IS VAST.  In the coming months, this article will highlight many of the reasons why you need a Union and will point out what happens when you are not Union-represented.  Most of you are aware of the Supreme Court Case, Janus v. AFSCME – a decision will be made by the Supreme Court in June 2018 and will likely change the way public sector unions operate.  To prepare for the Supreme Court ruling and to share information about the value of being a union member, the members of the AASD Board of Directors are visiting our AASD-represented members either 1:1 or in small group settings.  We want to share the values of being a union member with you and we want to hear your input!
    In our last article, we shared that AASD unionized in 2009.  Prior to 2009, AASD had an Memorandum of Understanding with the District with very little “enforcement power” behind it.  In 2009, the first AASD Classified Supervisors and the first AASD Certificated Supervisors contracts were negotiated.   The following concepts/language were negotiated into the first collective bargaining agreements in 2009 (and remain to this day):

  • Certificated management hiring practices including priority consideration and language stating that all positions shall be posted for 10 days.  Prior to 2009, appointments were made on a regular basis to certificated positions without posting the position and AASD members did not have any priority consideration to management positions.
  • Classified hiring practices were expanded to include priority consideration for AASD members.  Prior to 2009, AASD members did not have any priority consideration to supervisory/management positions.
  • Partial Day Absence language for exempt Classified and Certificated AASD membersPrior to 2009, exempt AASD members were required to record “leave” for being absent any portion of a work day.  In 2009, language was negotiated that allowed any exempt AASD member to be absent any portion of a workday without charging the time to a leave.
  • Job Placement Language for Classified Supervisors and Managers who are laid off/bumped out of their position.  Prior to 2009, members only had the right to bump to positions/classifications they formerly held.  This language allows placement into other jobs for which the member is qualified.
  • Reassignment to a position in the SDEA bargaining unit for Certificated Managers whose positions are eliminated or who are reassigned out of a management position.  Prior to 2009, if the member was not tenured as a teacher in SDUSD (or other SDEA represented position) they did NOT have the right to a position.  With the 2009 contract, members without tenure in SDUSD are now eligible for a position in the SDEA unit as long as there is a vacancy.
  • Memorialization of Health and Welfare Benefits Prior to 2009, Health and Welfare benefits for AASD were at the mercy of the District.  With the 2009 contracts, there is an article specifically dedicated to Health and Welfare benefits and any changes must be negotiated.

    Prior to being a Union, the language above did not exist for our members.  Through the strength of our Union and through continued efforts at the bargaining table, your AASD representatives have negotiated contracts that work to the benefit of our members.

    Stay tuned for weekly articles on how AASD works for YOUR benefit.  Remember that TOGETHER we will remain strong and represented.

  • AASD 2017-18 DISTINGUISHED LEADERS ANNOUNCED.   Congratulations to the following AASD Members who were nominated by colleagues and selected as AASD 2017-18 Distinguished Leaders.  All will be recognized at the June 15 AASD Summerfest Celebration!  Come and help celebrate with us! 


    KRISTA CONN, HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES SUPERVISOR  -- AASD Distinguished Leader, Classified Supervisors

    PAT CROWDER, RETIRED PRINCIPAL -- AASD Distinguished Leader, Retiree Network

    SUZIE FORE, VICE PRINCIPAL, DEPORTOLA MIDDLE  --  AASD Distinguished Leader, Vice Principals

    SOPHIA GLOVER, FOOD SERVICES SUPERVISOR -- AASD Distinguished Leader, Food Services

    IRENE HIGHTOWER, PRINCIPAL, CABRILLO ELEMENTARY -- AASD Distinguished Leader, Elementary Principals


    HARLAN KLEIN, PRINCIPAL, MUIRLANDS MIDDLE -- AASD Distinguished Leader, Middle School Principals

    RICHARD NASH, PRINCIPAL, MADISON HIGH  --  AASD Distinguished Leader, High School Principals

    CARLOS RAMIREZ, PROGRAM MANAGER, OFFICE OF LANGUAGE ACQUISITION -- AASD Distinguished Leader, Central Office Certificated Managers


  • HIGH FIVE CAREER COACHINGAASD will be sharing Mike Gellman’s newsletter and video’s regarding career coaching via the Weekly Update.  Mike is the founder and owner of High Five Career Coaching and has presented at AASD professional development events (such as the Spring Conference) and also provided career coaching for our laid off/reassigned/bumped AASD members over the past couple of years.  Check out Mike’s newsletter, http://www.mikegellman.com/goldilocks-goes-to-work/.  In addition please view his video of the week, https://youtu.be/fdjzaAhY_xY

  • MAY 10 AASD MEMBERSHIP MEETING.  This meeting is for all members, affiliate members and retired members.  Union updates regarding the “me-too” clause and other important union matters will be given.  Come early and visit our vendor partners – get your “bingo” card stamped by our vendor partners and enter a raffle for a “San Diego Package” valued at $500 including Padre tickets, San Diego County Fair tickets and much more!  There will be heavy appetizers and beverages.  Over $1,500 in prizes will be given away (prizes are donated by vendor partners or are a result of vendor table rental fees – no AASD dues money is used).  Thank you to CALPRO for being the premiere sponsor of this event.  Please plan on attending – our Union is only as strong as the participation of our members!  Click here for the flyer.
  • NOMINATIONS FOR 2018-2019 AASD BOARD OF DIRECTORSThe following nominations have been received for the positions on the AASD Board of Directors. VOTING will be held at the May 10 membership meeting.

    Co-Chair (Classified), Member Relations Committee Maria Moore Flagg, Retired.
    Co-Chair (Certificated), Member Relations Committee Irene Hightower, Principal, Cabrillo Elementary.
    Co-Chair (Classified), Professional Development Committee Mario Garcia, Translations Supervisor, Special Education
    Co-Chair (Certificated), Professional Development Committee Eileen Moreno, Principal, Edison Elementary.
    Co-Chair (Classified), Scholarship Committee Nancy Picone, Accounts Payable Manager, Finance.
    Co-Chair (Certificated), Scholarship Committee Stacey Simpson, Vice Principal, Madison High.
    Health and Welfare Representative (Certificated) Brad Callahan, Principal, Lewis Middle and John Aguilar, Principal Normal Heights Elementary
    Health and Welfare Representative (Classified)  Phil Baertschi, Custodial Services Supervisor, Physical Plant Operations.
    Manager, Classified Samantha Clabaugh, Operations Specialist, Quality Assurance Office.
    Plant Operations Supervisor/Building Services Supervisor III Troy Hickey, BSS III, Pacific Beach Middle.
    Police Management Association Jesus Montana, Sergeant, School Police.
    Principal, Elementary Carmi Strom, Principal, Webster Elementary and Akoni Derige, Principal Chesterton Elementary.
    Principal, Middle Level/K-8 Christina Casillas, Principal.
    Supervisor, Classified Paula Hamar,Supervising Rehabilitation Specialist, Mental Health Resource Center.
    Vice Principal Jenney Nash, Vice Principal, Muirlands Middle.

    One representative from each category will be voted onto the Board of Directors. Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the May 10 meeting as write in candidates. 

    For previous workload updates click here.  AASD is keeping certificated workload at the forefront and will continue to advocate for our members!
  • CONDOLENCES AASD acknowledges deaths of our members, retirees, or their immediate family members via the Weekly Update.  If you have information on a death to be reported in the AASD Weekly Update, please contact any of the staff at the AASD office with the information.  We appreciate your help with this – we don’t always know right away when a death has occurred or the information on services.

    Rosalie Salazar Joiner, mother of Mark Joiner and Kristie Joiner (Principal, Jerebek Elementary), passed away on April 22, 2018.  AASD sends our sincere condolences to Kristie and the Joiner Family.

    Thursday, May 10, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm , viewing at Glen Abbey
    Friday, May 11 at 10:00 am funeral at Bonita Valley Community Church
    Friday, May 11 at 11:30 am interment at Glen Abbey Followed by a Gathering of friends and family around 1:00 pm at Home of Mark & Kristie Joiner.    

  • JOB POSTINGS FOR CERTIFICATED POSITIONS AND CLASSIFIED POSITIONS IN THE AASD UNIT.  AASD has been asked to publish the job postings in our Weekly Update. AASD also suggests that all applicants (classified and certificated) mark their calendars to check weekly for new job postings each Monday.  This way, you will not miss out on a posting you might be interested in (as all jobs in the AASD unit must be posted for 10 days).  Additionally, jobs in other units will be posted.


    Principal, Porter Elementary.
    Principal, Dingeman Elementary
    Principal, Mason Elementary
    Principal, Muirlands Middle (Re-post)
    Vice Principal, Crawford High
    Vice Principal, iHigh Virtual Academy
    Vice Principal Kearney High
    All close 5/10/18


    None at this time.



  • COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENTS HAVE BEEN RATIFIED.  The AASD membership ratified the new collective bargaining agreements for both the AASD classified and certificated units on April 13.  On April 24, the Board of Education ratified the agreements.  Following the ratification, AASD and the District reached an agreement on implementation of the new equity clause (“me-too”) language.  The notification and agreements are below.

    All AASD bargaining unit members will receive:
    = 1% Ongoing salary increase effective July 1, 2018
         = 1% Ongoing salary increase effective midyear
             (either  January 1, 2019 or February 1, 2019)
    = 1% One-Time Off-Schedule bonus
    1% of annual base salary for 2017- (1% of annual base 
             salary 2017-8) paid by August 1, 2018

         =Three-week leave for a birth mother following the birth of her child
    Click here for the notification and agreements.
  • AASD CELL PHONE/SCREEN CLEANER.   All attendees at the AASD/SDUSD Spring Conference received a blue AASD cell phone/screen cleaner.  Some of you have asked if it is re-fillable.  YES, it is!  To refill it:

    Step 1: Remove the spray bottle from the holder by gently pulling up on the spray button.  NOTE:  The blue button is attached to the sprayer - do not pull the blue button/cap off of the sprayer.  Once the spray bottle is out of the holder, you can unscrew the sprayer from the bottle.

    Step 2: Fill the spray bottle halfway with distilled or bottled water. (Tap water will leave streaks.)
    Step 3: Fill the other half of the bottle with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
    Step 4: Screw the sprayer back onto the bottle and shake the bottle to mix the solution.

    This way, you can use your AASD cell phone/screen cleaner canister over and over!

  •  AASD WEBSITE Click here www.aasdcs.org  to view our website.  The website is kept up-to-date and current for all of our members (regular members, retirees and affiliate members).  Visit the website to view the AASD calendar and for forms and information on our Union, as well as discounts for members.

    If you have any feedback on the  website, please e-mail
    jim@aasdcs.org with your comments.  We hope our website is a great resource for you!

  • SAVE THE DATES FOR AASD EVENTS!  The following dates are for AASD-sponsored activities during the 2017-18 school year.  Please mark your calendar now.  These events are for all AASD members - Regular, Affiliate and Retired.  More information will be forthcoming regarding each event.  Our union is only as strong as the membership and your participation! 

    May 10, 2018, 4-7 pm, AASD Spring Membership Meeting, Marina Village, Catalina Room (new location). FLYER

    June 15, 2018, 5-10 pm, AASD Summerfest, Marina Village, Seaside Room. FLYER

  • ESTATE PLANNING – DISCOUNT FOR AASD MEMBERS!   AASD is pleased to announce a new partnership with Greg Runge, Estate Planning Attorney.  Greg is an estate planning attorney with approximately 10 years of experience practicing in the areas of wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney and advance health care directives. In addition to his legal work, Greg is also currently a Lieutenant with a local police department, where he is in his 18th year of service as a sworn officer. As a public employee, Greg is very aware of the unique estate planning issues that can come into play with our members.  Greg has focused his legal practice on providing essential estate planning services to public employees and their families at an affordable rate.  This benefit is available to all AASD Members, AASD Members-Police Management Association (PMA), AASD Affiliate Members and AASD Retired Members.  Greg is offering this service to our members for a flat fee of $750, which is 50% off the going rate for estate planning (very complex or very large estates may require a higher fee that would be individually negotiated with the member).  To contact Greg Runge, please e-mail gregrunge@gmail.com or telephone (858) 395-4011 and be sure to mention you are an AASD member so you receive the discounted rate.
  • CONTINUED MEMBERSHIP IN THE ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS (ACSA).  As was reported in June 2017, the District notified AASD that they will no longer pay their share (50%) of the ACSA dues for AASD members.  For the past three years, AASD and SDUSD had an agreement whereupon the District paid 50% of the cost of ACSA dues and AASD paid 50% of the cost of ACSA dues.  All AASD members were then provided with membership in ACSA, as well as professional development activities, as part of the agreement.  The agreement ended 6/30/2017.

    There are many benefits of continuing to be an ACSA Member – as detailed in this handout (click on link).  ACSA is offering a one-year special for AASD members of membership for one dollar ($1) per day.  Dues are deducted 10 times a year (September-June).

    If AASD members are interested in continuing membership with ACSA, please complete the application (click on link) and return it via e-mail to Deborah Burke, ACSA, at dburke@acsa.org. Please review the attached summary of benefits sheet for ACSA membership (click here)


  • PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS.  AASD communicates with members via  personal e-mail address.  We do not communicate via "sandi.net."  If your personal email address changes, please remember to notify AASD by e-mailing our Office Clerk, Jim Costello, at  Jim@aasdcs.org .
  • AASD PROFESSIONAL GROWTH GRANT.  The Administrators Association San Diego City Schools (AASD), in conjunction with the San Diego Unified School District, provides financial grants to members to assist them in their professional growth. Unit members who participate in professional development activities related to job-connected skills or potential careers with the District may qualify to have the cost of registration fees defrayed by available funds up to $100. This includes ACSA-sponsored Academies, Conferences and Institutes. Click here  for more details. 
  • "BENEFIT HUB" - PLEASE NOTE THIS WEBSITE HAS CHANGED!  Benefit Hub is an online discount program.  All AASD members have access to thousands of discounts which allows you to save on everything from movies and theme parks to restaurants and sporting events

    This free service provides discounts to car rental companies, theme parks, hotels, and entertainment destinations (i.e., San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Universal Studios, Sea World, etc.). Register online to take advantage of these terrific discounts.  Special offers and discounts are always changing, so check back frequently You can purchase and print tickets from the convenience of your home. 

    Enter the following address in the browser bar, with no leading  w's -
    aasd.benefithub.com .  Do not do a "search" for Benefit Hub as it will take you to the wrong website.  Click on "Guest" at the upper right-hand side of the screen. Fill in the information and create a password.  If you have any questions about registering, or encounter any problems, call the AASD office for assistance.  If you have any questions about or need assistance with the Benefit Hub website, you can contact Support at (866) 664-4621.

  • DISCOUNT MOVIE TICKETS.  AASD has both AMC and Regal Entertainment Group (Regal/Edwards/UA) movie passes available to members.  Regal tickets are $8.50 each. These passes have no expiration date and are unrestricted, so they can be used any time and for newly-released movies.  

    The AMC "Black" tickets are $10.25 each, have no expiration date, and do not have any restrictions.  Contact AASD to purchase tickets or if you have any questions.  

  •  SEE'S CANDIES.  See's Candies gift certificates are available for purchase at AASD.  A gift certificate for one pound of chocolates is now $16.90 each.  They have no expiration date. The current retail amount for a pound of chocolates is $19.90, which saves you $3.00 per pound.   

    Administrators Association of San Diego (AASD) members qualify for quantity discounts on See's candy at the Quantity Discount Rosecrans store. To redeem your discount, show a valid ID; your AASD member card, and provide our account number 6472612. This discount is only valid at 3751 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA 92110.



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