AASD Weekly Update 09-26-2019

  • IMPORTANT – CHANGE TO AASD CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS – PLEASE READ.   The AASD Board of Directors voted on September 18 to make changes to the AASD Bylaws thereby allowing the creation of a new AASD Political Action Committee.  This change comes hand-in-hand with AASD’s new affiliation with the American Federation of School Administrators and becoming members of the local Labor Council AFL-CIO.  The change to the Constitution and Bylaws pertaining to political activity is the addition of the following language and the creation of the new Political Action Committee (PAC).  

    AASD will be holding a member forum on October 7, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the AASD office for members in good standing, retired members and affiliate members who would like to provide input to the AASD Executive Board representatives on this change and on AASD’s future level of political involvement.  We encourage you to attend.  In addition, we will be soliciting nominations at the forum for a classified PAC co-chair and a certificated PAC co-chair (who will also become members of the AASD Board of Directors).  Come and share your views and opinions with us on AASD’s change to the Constitution and Bylaws which will now allow our organization to have an equal place on the political playing field!  See below – an RSVP is necessary.  This is a great way to get involved with YOUR union.

    Article IV, Sections 5 and 6:

    5.    AASD through its Political Action Committee (PAC) may elect to endorse federal, state or local public candidates, bond measures or propositions.  The PAC will make recommendations for endorsements and/or political activity to the AASD Board of Directors.  The PAC will not make any monetary endorsements.
    6.    AASD has no political campaign costs.  
    Article XIV:

    Political Action Committee (Co-Chair may be a member in good standing or a member in good standing PMA)

    The Political Action Committee may review/research and elect to endorse federal, state or local public candidates, bond measures or propositions.

    1.   The PAC will make recommendations for endorsements and/or political activity to the AASD Board of Directors for approval.  
    2    The PAC may elect to hold candidate forums or AASD member feedback sessions as approved by the AASD Board of Directors.
    3    The PAC will not make any monetary endorsements.
    4    The PAC will consist of a co-chair from classified and a co-chair from certificated.  There will also be one Classified Executive Board representative and one Certificated Executive Board representative appointed by the Executive Board.  In addition, there will be other committee members who are either members in good standing, members in good standing (PMA), retired members or affiliate members.

    For a full copy of the AASD Constitution and Bylaws, please
    click here.

    Appetizers and beverages will be served at this meeting.

    RSVP is required for planning purposes.  Please RSVP at:

    There is no bargaining update at this time.  Negotiations scheduled for September 25 were canceled by the District as they did not have time to cost out our proposals after speaking at Closed Session with the Board on September 24.  Our next bargaining session is scheduled for October 16.  (To re-visit the bargaining notes from September 18, visit the AASD website at www.aasdcs.org and click on the Weekly Update from September 19.)
  • ATTENTION CERTIFICATED AASD MEMBERS.  As you probably know (unless you are new this year), AASD bargained a Certificated Workload Workgroup which has met the past two years with District representatives to share and attempt to resolve workload issues.  The work group will begin meeting again soon.  Workload concerns that are taken to the committee are compiled via information received on a Google form.  We do not share word-of-mouth anecdotal information.  Please report certificated AASD workload issues via the following Google doc. 
    Please report issues timely and be as concise as possible.  This is NOT a confidential form.  All forms are shared with the district.  Therefore, if you do not want to be identified, then word your feedback in a way that it is concise and helpful, but does not identify you or your site.
    The Certificated Workload Work Group AASD Representatives are:

    Elementary:       Peg Crane, MC Patton and one more TBD
    K-8:                    Kathy Lorden, Diana Sanchez
    Middle:               TBD
    High School:       Listy Gillingham
    Central Office:    Kristin Makena
    AASD:                Donis Coronel

  • LAST CHANCE DEADLINE EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 2.  RSVP NOW FOR OUR 2019 CASINO NIGHT FUNDRAISER FOR THE AASD SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM!  October 4, 2019, 6:00 to 10:30 p.m.  All proceeds go to fund scholarships for the children of AASD Members.  The Scholarship Committee hopes to raise enough money in order to, once again, improve the amount of the scholarship. This event is open to anyone - bring a friend or family member (adults age 21+ only)!  The Scholarship Committee is co-chaired by Veronica Ortega and Stacey Simpson and supported by AASD staff Donis Coronel and Jim Costello.  The committee members are: Troy Hickey, Erica Renfree, Jeff Sabins, Shortie Smith and Carmi Strom.  Click Here for detailed information and RSVP instructions. Payments by credit, debit or check will not be processed until after October 2 !
  • AASD CLASSIFIED MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS.  Here’s a great opportunity for new or seasoned managers and supervisors --  SkillPath is offering a very special one-day workshop on “Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor” right here in San Diego on either November 8 or December 18.  Many of our SDUSD colleagues have attended workshops through SkillPath and have found them to be a great professional development opportunity.  The cost is $99 per person (groups of 4 or more that register together are $89 each).  Did you know that the AASD professional growth fund will refund up to $100 per person per year for the cost of attending a professional development activity?  So if you sign up and attend this workshop and then submit the receipt and certificate of attendance, you will be reimbursed the $99 fee to attend, making it free for you to attend!

    Link to information about the "Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor" workshop.

    Click on the below link to for the professional growth reimbursement form:

    The Mission of Empower Hour is “To encourage, support and inspire female educational leaders through various growth opportunities.”  We welcome current leaders, aspiring leaders and retired leaders! 

    Attached is an UPDATED list of the events we have planned for 2019-20.  Please – we need your help so we can plan accordingly – RSVP’s are required for our events, but please cancel via Eventbrite if you find you can not attend. 

    October 8, 2019, 5:00-7:00 p.m. (at the AASD office, Mission Valley area)
    Women and Finances – Topic is Prioritizing Spending and Personal Investments
    Empower Yourself! Come and join us for an evening of camaraderie, networking and financial literacy. Our experts from CALPRO Financial Network will present information about personal investments and prioritizing spending.  No sales pitch -- you will be provided financial literacy by the experts at CALPRO Financial Network to help you make great decisions that affect your future. The workshop is interactive and there will be plenty of time for questions.  Appetizers, beverages, door prizes and more!  Wear your Empower Hour T-Shirt and get an extra door prize ticket. Or buy one at the event ($20) and get that extra ticket.  Please arrive at 5:00 p.m. or by 5:30 p.m. at the latest (speaker begins at 5:30 p.m.). Avoid Interstate 8 east, if possible. Due to limited seating, we ask that you only sign up if you plan on attending. If you sign up and plans change, please cancel your reservation via Eventbrite or contact
    Sponsored by our Premiere Sponsor CALPRO Financial Network, ACSA Region 18 and the Administrators Association of San Diego (AASD).
    RSVP at:

    October 16, 2019, 5:00-7:15 p.m. (at the AASD office, Mission Valley area)
    Being Empowered to Network
    Do you feel empowered to network?  Do you feel comfortable networking with others?  Are you using networking to your advantage?  Will effective networking help you to advance your career?  Or do you just want to get better at networking?  Come and hear an inspirational speaker on this topic.   Appetizers, beverages, door prizes and more!  Wear your Empower Hour T-Shirt and get an extra door prize ticket. Or buy one at the event ($20) and get that extra ticket.  Please arrive at 5:00 p.m. or by 5:30 p.m. at the latest (speaker begins at 5:30 p.m.). Avoid Interstate 8 east, if possible. Due to limited seating, we ask that you only sign up if you plan on attending. If you sign up and plans change, please cancel your reservation via Eventbrite or contact
    Sponsored by our Premiere Sponsor CALPRO Financial Network, ACSA Region 18 and the Administrators Association of San Diego (AASD).
    RSVP at:

    October 23, 2019, 5:00-8:00 p.m. (at the AASD office, Mission Valley area)
    Pined and Painted (formerly Sip Wine N’ Sign)
    This is a fun night of networking and making something really cool!  See
    attached photo from previous event.  Not only will you get appetizers, beverages (beer, wine, sodas), you will go home with a really cool sign of your choice for your home, office or as a gift!  There are options of different size signs (one large; two small; etc.).  This is our 6th time offering this event and it’s been so much fun! 

    Appetizers and beverages provided by the sponsors.  Wear your Empower Hour T-shirt and get an extra door prize ticket.  Or buy an Empower Hour shirt at the event and get an extra ticket!
    There is a cost per person of approximately $40-$55 depending on which sign/size is selected (plus a minimal online service fee) which covers the cost of all the supplies to make the sign.  The fee is paid at the time of sign up via the link below.  You will also choose your sign(s) and the size of the sign at the same time.  There is also an option of selecting two smaller signs for the same price as one larger one.  See the
    attached for a photo of sign choices as well as samples of the different size signs.  It will help if you review the attachment prior to signing up via the link below.  Deadline to sign up is October 15.
    This event is sponsored by CALPRO, ACSA Region 18 and AASD.

    RSVP required and seating is limited.  If you would like to bring a friend, family member, etc. please feel free to sign them up!  First come, first served!
    RSVP at:

    October 29, 2019, 5:00-7:15 p.m. (at the AASD office, Mission Valley area)
    Bullet Proof Your Future and Personal Wealth.  What Every Woman Should Know About Home Ownership and Real Estate Investments
    Do you think you can’t afford to buy a home in San Diego or get involved in real estate investments?  Come and learn!  This is an educational workshop (not a sales presentation).  After decades in public service, Denisse Roldán Newell was first introduced to a career in real estate as a way to balance her growing family's demands while continuing to serve her community. Five years later, she sits at the helm of the (NAHREP) National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, San Diego Chapter, where she specializes in helping women, families, and individuals attain personal wealth through home ownership and real estate investments. In addition to her dedication to NAHREP, she is an avid supporter of MANA de San Diego, a  nonprofit organization committed to developing and empowering first-generation Latina students in pursuing a university degree. She's a married mother of two amazing children who attend Lewis Middle School and Hearst Elementary School in SDUSD, and has a three rescue pets. She loves to cook, host gatherings, and travel in her spare time.

    Appetizers, beverages, door prizes and more!  Wear your Empower Hour T-Shirt and get an extra door prize ticket. Or buy one at the event ($20) and get that extra ticket.  Please arrive at 5:00 p.m. or by 5:30 p.m. at the latest (speaker begins at 5:30 p.m.). Avoid Interstate 8 east, if possible. Due to limited seating, we ask that you only sign up if you plan on attending. If you sign up and plans change, please cancel your reservation via Eventbrite or contact
    Sponsored by Wells Fargo, Denisse Roldán Newell, ACSA Region 18 and the Administrators Association of San Diego (AASD).
    RSVP at:


    Your Empower Hour Planning Team hopes that you will continue to support our activities for the 2019-20 school year.  Please invite and encourage other female leaders, aspiring leaders or retired leaders in the San Diego education family to attend.  We operate on donations and sponsorships only.  If you know of a vendor partner that may wish to sponsor an event, please have them contact Donis Coronel at

    Your Empower Hour Planning Team members are:    Becky Bravo (Sweetwater), Jennifer Carbuccia (Sweetwater), Dianne Cordero (Sweetwater), Donis Coronel (Planning Team coordinator/AASD), Heather Harris (San Diego Unified), Clorinda Haynes (San Diego Unified), Patti Karlin (SDCOE), Elizabeth Kramer (San Diego Unified) and Gretchen Murphy-Boykin (Poway)

    AASD acknowledges deaths of our members, retirees, or their immediate family members via the Weekly Update.  If you have information on a death to be reported in the AASD Weekly Update, please contact any of the staff at the AASD office with the information.  We appreciate your help with this – we don’t always know right away when a death has occurred or the information on services.

    AASD sends sincere condolences to Peggy Zickert, Program Manager-Program Monitoring, on the loss of her brother, Bob, on September 25th. Services will be held in Wisconsin.
  • JOB POSTINGS FOR CERTIFICATED POSITIONS AND CLASSIFIED POSITIONS IN THE AASD UNIT.  AASD has been asked to publish the job postings in our Weekly Update. AASD also suggests that all applicants (classified and certificated) mark their calendars to check weekly for new job postings each Monday.  This way, you will not miss out on a posting you might be interested in (as all jobs in the AASD unit must be posted for 10 days).  Additionally, jobs in other units will be posted.

    AASD-Represented CERTIFICATED Job Postings
    None at this time

    AASD-Represented CLASSIFIED Job Postings
    Food Services Supervisor, Closes 9/27
    Manager, Physical Plant Operations Management, Closes 9/30/19
    Zone Manager, Physical Plant Operations, Closes 9/30/19

    Custodial Operations Program Supervisor, Closes 9/30/19
  • DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE VEBA RESOURCE CENTER HEALTHY REBOOT?  The VEBA Resource Center was designed to help VEBA members (employees, retirees and their dependents) manage their well-being through a wide range of programs and services.  This is a free service for all VEBA members and childcare is provided upon request.  Many AASD members have attended and the feedback has been very positive.  Click here  for more information and dates. 
  • CALSTRS WORKSHOPS FOR NEW AND CURRENT CERTIFICATED MEMBERS.  CALSTRS has published their Fall schedule of workshops for new CALSTRS members as well as current members who want to learn more about the retirement system or who are planning for retirement.  These workshops are held here in San Diego at the Mission Valley office.  Start planning for retirement now – be ahead of the curve!
    Click here for list of events, Click here for Educator event.
  • OPEN ENROLLMENT 2020 IS COMING!  The Open Enrollment period (to make benefits plan changes/add dependents, etc. for 2020) is October 14 to November 8, 2019.  Open Enrollment materials will be sent out via the district’s Employee Benefits Department.  Please pay attention to the materials to ensure you are well-informed about any plan changes and the addition of the new Journey Plan which offers a unique approach to health care.  Detailed information about this new plan will be provided at Open Enrollment meetings held by VEBA and the Employee Benefits Department as well as in the materials you will receive.
    The Annual Health Fair to kick off Open Enrollment will be held on Monday, October 14 from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Education Center.  There will be many health provider vendor, etc. at this event.
    In addition to the October 14 Annual Health Fair, Informational Meetings for Active Employees will be held:
    Tuesday, October 15                       Scripps Ranch High          2:00-5:00 p.m.
    Wednesday, October 16                  Clairemont High                2:00-5:00 p.m.
    Thursday, October 17                      Morse High                       2:00-5:00 p.m.
    Wednesday, October 23                  Transportation Dept          9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
    Monday, November 4                       Education Center             2:00-5:00 p.m.
    An informational meeting for retirees (and prospective retirees) will be held:
    Thursday, October 24                     SDEA Offices                      2:00-5:00 p.m.
    Remember, open enrollment is only once a year (including changes and renewal of flexible spending accounts).  Please read through the materials you receive via Employee Benefits to ensure you are well-informed.

  • AFSA AFFILIATION! AASD IS NOW LOCAL 134, AFL-CIOAFSA is provided to all AASD Members in Good Standing for no additional cost. For more information regarding AFSA and Union Plus benefits, please visit their website:  https://www.theschoolleader.org/
    IMPORTANT:  For Members in Good Standing and Affiliate Members who have added AFSA  --  If you have not turned in the “Combined AFSA Benefits Information Form,” please submit the form immediately.  This form must be submitted in order to be eligible for the professional liability, legal services, etc.  You do not need to list social security numbers on the form.  For a copy of the form, click here.
  • AASD LOGO WEAR FOR SALE!   AASD now has logo wear for sale!  We are selling AASD polo shirts (men’s and women's) $25, AASD denim shirts (men’s and women’s) $25, AASD women’s V-neck T-shirts $17 and ball caps ($18).  One dollar from each purchase goes to the AASD Scholarship Fund.  Cash, check, debit or credit card accepted.  If you would like to support AASD and proudly wear AASD logo wear, please contact the office and make a purchase!  We can mail the item directly to you or you can stop by the office to see the selection. For some samples, see the images below.
    Image one
    Image two
    Image three

  • IMPORTANT – NEW ELECTRONIC LINK AVAILABLE!  FILL OUT YOUR AASD RECOMMITMENT FORM NOW!  This information pertains to current AASD members who were AASD members prior to June 28, 2018.  It does NOT apply to Affiliate members or Retired members.  Many have asked how to “re-join” AASD in light of the Supreme Court Decision, Janus v. AFSCME.  If you were an AASD member on June 27, 2018, per the Decision, you automatically stayed as an AASD "Member in Good Standing" and will remain so.  However, we are asking all AASD members to re-commit to AASD by completing the google form (link below). This re-confirms your AASD membership and ensures that you have access to the benefits of being an AASD member – legal representation, AASD representation, discounted services, scholarships for your children, professional development reimbursements, etc. 

    Some of you have already filled out the new membership form over the past year – if so, it is not necessary to complete it again.  If you have any questions regarding the re-commitment form, please contact the AASD office at 619-295-2118 or e-mail one of the AASD staff members for assistance.  Thank you in advance for your commitment to our Union – AASD.    


    To review the benefits of being an AASD member, please Click here .   

  • AASD COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENTS POSTED ON THE AASD WEBSITE.  The collective bargaining agreements (contracts) for the AASD classified unit and the AASD certificated unit are posted on the AASD website.  The District no longer provides a hard copy to AASD members.  You are welcome to view the contracts on our website and feel free to print a copy, if you wish. To view the contracts, visit the AASD website at www.aasdcs.org and click on Governance/Contracts or Collective Bargaining/Contracts.
  • AASD WEBSITE Click here www.aasdcs.org  to view our website.  The website is kept up-to-date and current for all of our members (members in good standing, retirees and affiliate members).  Visit the website to view the AASD calendar and for forms and information on our Union, as well as discounts for members.

    If you have any feedback on the  website, please e-mail
    jim@aasdcs.org with your comments.  We hope our website is a great resource for you!

  • ESTATE PLANNING – DISCOUNT FOR AASD MEMBERS!   AASD is pleased to announce our partnership with Greg Runge, Estate Planning Attorney.  Greg is an estate planning attorney with approximately 10 years of experience practicing in the areas of wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney and advance health care directives. In addition to his legal work, Greg is also currently a Lieutenant with a local police department, where he is in his 18th year of service as a sworn officer. As a public employee, Greg is very aware of the unique estate planning issues that can come into play with our members. Greg has focused his legal practice on providing essential estate planning services to public employees and their families at an affordable rate.  This benefit is available to all AASD Members in Good Standing, AASD Affiliate Members and AASD Retired Members.  Greg is offering this service to our members for a flat fee of $750, which is 50% off the going rate for estate planning (very complex or very large estates may require a higher fee that would be individually negotiated with the member).  To contact Greg Runge, please e-mail gregrunge@gmail.com or call (858) 395-4011 and be sure to mention you are an AASD member so you receive the discounted rate.
  • MEMBERSHIP IN THE ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS (ACSA).  There are many benefits of being an ACSA Member – as detailed in this handout (click on link).  Dues are deducted 10 times a year (September-June).

    If AASD members are interested in membership with ACSA, please complete the application (click on link) and return it via e-mail to Deborah Burke, ACSA, at dburke@acsa.org.


  • PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS.  AASD communicates with members via  personal e-mail address.  We do not communicate via "sandi.net."  If your personal email address changes, please remember to notify AASD by e-mailing our Office Clerk, Jim Costello, at  Jim@aasdcs.org .  
  • AASD PROFESSIONAL GROWTH GRANT.  The Administrators Association San Diego City Schools (AASD), in conjunction with the San Diego Unified School District, provides financial grants to members to assist them in their professional growth. Unit members who participate in professional development activities related to job-connected skills or potential careers with the District may qualify to have the cost of registration fees defrayed by available funds up to $100. This includes ACSA-sponsored Academies, Conferences and Institutes. Click here  for more details. 
  • "BENEFIT HUB"  Benefit Hub is an online discount program.  All AASD members have access to thousands of discounts which allows you to save on everything from movies and theme parks to restaurants and sporting events

    This free service provides discounts to car rental companies, theme parks, hotels, and entertainment destinations (i.e., San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Universal Studios, Sea World, etc.). Register online to take advantage of these terrific discounts.  Special offers and discounts are always changing, so check back frequently You can purchase and print tickets from the convenience of your home. 

    Enter the following address in the browser bar, with no leading  w's -
    aasd.benefithub.com Do not do a "search" for Benefit Hub as it will take you to the wrong website.  Click on "Guest" at the upper right-hand side of the screen. Fill in the information and create a password.  If you have any questions about registering, or encounter any problems, call the AASD office for assistance.  If you have any questions about or need assistance with the Benefit Hub website, you can contact Support at (866) 664-4621.

  • DISCOUNT MOVIE TICKETS.  AASD has both AMC and Regal Entertainment Group (Regal/Edwards/UA) movie passes available to members in good standing, affiliate and retired members.  Regal tickets are now $9.00 each. These passes have no expiration date and are unrestricted, so they can be used any time and for newly-released movies.  

    The AMC "Black" tickets are $10.25 each, have no expiration date, and do not have any restrictions.  Contact AASD to purchase tickets or if you have any questions.  

  •  SEE'S CANDIES.  See's Candies gift certificates are available for purchase at AASD by members in good standing, affiliate and retired members.  A gift certificate for one pound of chocolates is now $17.25 each.  There was a recent $0.35 price increase.  They have no expiration date. The current retail amount for a pound of chocolates is $20.50, which saves you $3.25 per pound.   

    Administrators Association of San Diego (AASD) members qualify for quantity discounts on See's candy at the Quantity Discount Rosecrans store. To redeem your discount, show a valid ID; your AASD member card, and provide our account number 6472612. You can also give them the AASD office phone number (619-295-2118) for the discount.  This discount is only valid at 3751 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA 92110.



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