AASD Weekly Update 11-07-2019

  • SIGN UP NOW FOR AASD'S "UGLY HOLIDAY SWEATER/SHIRT" HOLIDAY PARTY – DECEMBER 6.  Make your reservations NOW for the December AASD holiday party!  All AASD Members in good standing, Affiliate members and Retired members are FREE!  It’s a wonderful time to get together and celebrate the season!  Get a table of 10 colleagues together and have a great time.  Dinner, door prizes, photo booth, dancing and all around fun. Click here for more information and to sign up.  If you want to sit with certain colleagues, send the information in with your RSVP or send an email to the AASD office with that information.  Reservations and a deposit are required.  The firm deadline to sign up is November 22 !
  • OPEN ENROLLMENT 2020 IS HERE.  THE LAST DAY TO MAKE CHANGES IS NOVEMBER 8. The Open Enrollment period (to make benefits plan changes/add dependents, etc.) for 2020 is October 14 to November 8, 2019.  Open Enrollment materials were sent out via the district’s Employee Benefits Department.  Please pay attention to the materials to ensure you are well-informed about any plan changes and the addition of the new Journey Plan which offers a unique approach to health care.  Detailed information about this new plan is provided at Open Enrollment meetings held by VEBA and the Employee Benefits Department, as well as in the materials you received.

    Remember, open enrollment is only once a year (including changes and renewal of flexible spending accounts).  Please read through the materials you receive via Employee Benefits to ensure you are well-informed.

  • DID YOU KNOW?  Did you know that when you are on a district site (school, central office) your cell phone connects to the district’s WiFi if you have WiFi turned on?  Which means that your internet usage on your personal cell phone is then recorded through the District’s security system.  Anything that appears inappropriate during work time on district property is then reviewed by Human Resources leadership and you are subject to being questioned about it.  Yes, this is true!  Now – if you are not spending work time on “inappropriate” or questionable websites, then this is not an issue.  But if you elect to spend inordinate amounts of time during work time on social media, dating websites, eBay, etc., viewing inappropriate sites, you will likely be called to Human Resources for a discussion and/or disciplinary action.  We all understand and know what “reasonable” usage is in this world of technology.  We all understand and know what is clearly inappropriate or excessive.  Don’t set yourself up for an embarrassing meeting in HR. 

    The Mission of Empower Hour is “To encourage, support and inspire female educational leaders through various growth opportunities.”  We welcome current leaders, aspiring leaders and retired leaders! 
    Here is an
    UPDATED list of the events we have planned for 2019-20.  Please – we need your help so we can plan accordingly.  RSVP’s are required for our events.  Please cancel via Eventbrite if you find you can not attend. 

    November 8, 2019, 5:00-7:00 p.m. (at Revel Yoga, 555 Broadway, Chula Vista, 2nd story near Sears)
    Want Less Stress?  Try Deep Stretch/Gentle Yoga with Empower Hour Colleagues

    Revel Yoga is the host for the evening!  Join the ladies of Revel Yoga for a one hour deep stretch/ gentle yoga class for beginners or those with yoga experience. Let's talk about the acute neurological and physical benefits of yoga and further discuss how it relates from educator/support staff to their students. After yoga, let's sip and socialize!! By attending this free class, participants will be entered to win a basket of yoga essentials and one month of Unlimited Membership at Revel Yoga.  

    What to bring:
    * Yoga mat if you have one
    * Wear comfortable workout clothes and shoes you can easily take off
    * Water bottle
    * Smile

    After one class you may experience:
    * Lower Stress levels and less sciatic pain
    * Deeper sleep that night
    * Anxiety reduction
    * Increased sense of physical balance

    Who is Revel Yoga:
    Revel Yoga is the only yoga studio in San Diego County that offers an "Educator" membership. Since the day Revel opened, the owners felt that offering this discount is crucial in living out our company's core value of "Celebrate Your Community.”  Owners, Rocio and Vanessa know that in order to truly make a difference in their community, they have to lead their efforts with those on the front line - educators, administrators and support staff! One of the Revel Yoga owners comes from a long family line of educators in the Sweetwater Union High School District, so making sure they catered to the educational job family was a must!  Revel Yoga is the only 100% woman-owned yoga studio in the South Bay. No investors, no loans!  Just two ladies with a passion for making an impact in the South Bay through yoga. Revel Yoga is the only minority woman-owned yoga studio in San Diego County.  Like educators, they want to make an long lasting, positive impact with our future generations.  Want to learn more?  Checkout the website
    www.rvlyoga.com    Space is limited, sign up now.

    Click here to view the flyer.
    Sponsored by Revel Yoga,  ACSA Region 18 and the Administrators Association of San Diego (AASD).

    RSVP at:


    November 14, 2019, 5:00-7:15 p.m. (at the AASD Office, Mission Valley)
    Identity Theft – Don’t Become a Victim!

    Identity Theft 101 – What are the current trends in ID theft and what can you do to prevent becoming a victim?  Come and learn – this topic affects us all.  Randy Lawrence retired after 30 years in law enforcement.  He was a Commander in the SD County District Attorney’s Office, Chief of Humane Law Enforcement for the SD Humane Society and most recently a Lieutenant at SDSU.  Randy is a cyber-crimes expert and a trained computer forensic examiner.  Specializing in identity theft, Randy has published multiple magazine articles and taught courses on the subject.  He has also worked with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task force and worked on the CATCH (Computer and Technology Crime High Tech Response Team) task force, a multi-agency effort dedicated to investigating internet crimes and advanced technology.  Randy currently works with the ID Theft Resource Center and is a part of their Speaker’s Bureau.

    The event is 5:00 to 7:15 p.m.  4:30-5:00 p.m. will be networking, appetizers and beverages.  The workshop will begin at 5:30 p.m.  Please arrive by that time.  Wear your Empower Hour shirt and get an extra door prize ticket.

    Seating is limited so please only sign up if you intend to attend.  If you need to cancel, please do so via Eventbrite.  

    RSVP at:


    November 21, 2019, 5:00-7:00 p.m. (at the Junior Achievement Facility, Mission Valley)
    Empower Hour Happy Hour
    Come and join colleagues at the Junior Achievement facility in Mission Valley.  This is a time to network and visit and just relax.  We will have an inspirational speaker at 5:45 p.m. and some great appetizers and beverages.  Come and enjoy, meet new people, and socialize with colleagues.  It’s a wonderful opportunity!

    The event is 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  Wear your Empower Hour shirt and get an extra door prize ticket.  We have great door prizes to give away!

    Seating is limited so please only sign up if you intend to attend.  If you need to cancel, please do so via Eventbrite.  

    This event is sponsored by CALPRO Financial Network, Junior Achievement, ACSA Region 18 and AASD.

    RSVP at:
    December 3, 2019, 5:00-8:00 p.m. (at the AASD office, Mission Valley area)
    Empower Hour  --  Dress for Success Part I
    Our Empower Hour Dress for Success Part I is being held on December 3 from 5:00-8:00 p.m.  Please come for a fun and informative evening focusing on fashion at work.  Dr. Yolanda Rogers, Executive Leadership Coach at SDCOE and former Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources in Lemon Grove, will share with you the Do’s and Don’ts for dressing for success at work and also for interviewing .Then see fabulous workplace fashion, from dressy to casual,  from Lindylou Reynold’s CAbi collection.  This will be a great, fun evening!  Bring a colleague!

    NOTE:  Empower Hour Dress for Success Part II will be held on January 14, 2020 and will include the opportunity to have a professional headshot taken that can be used for both personal and professional reasons.

    Heavy appetizers and beverages, including wine and beer, are provided as well as door prizes.  Wear your Empower Hour T-Shirt and get an extra door prize ticket.  Or purchase a shirt at the event for $20 and get an extra prize ticket.  For planning purposes, please only RSVP if you intend to attend.  If plans change and you need to cancel, please can via Eventbrite or contact Donis Coronel

    This event is sponsored by CALPRO Financial Network, North Island Credit Union, ACSA Region 18 and the Administrators Association of San Diego (AASD).

    RSVP at:

    December 10, 2019, 5:00-7:30 p.m. (at the AASD office, Mission Valley area)
    Empower Hour  --  Banners by Sherry!
    Don’t Miss Out!  Empower Hour --  Banners by Sherry! is a fun event where participants will create a really cool Christmas banner for your home or office.  (To see attached sample pictures, click on the links;
    Banner 1 and Banner 2.)  It’s a great way to relax and have some fun.  The cost is $32 per participant which includes all the materials to make a Christmas theme banner, as well as appetizers, beverages, door prizes and more!  Wear your Empower Hour T-Shirt and get an extra door prize ticket. Or buy one at the event ($20) and get that extra ticket.  Once you RSVP via Eventbrite, you will be e-mailed instructions on how to pre-pay for the event.  RSVP and pre-pay is required for this event.  Please sign up by December 3.
    Please arrive at 5:00 p.m. for appetizers and beverages or by 5:30 p.m. at the latest (class begins at 5:30 p.m.). Avoid Interstate 8 east, if possible. 
    Sponsored by our Premiere Sponsor CALPRO Financial Network, ACSA Region 18 and the Administrators Association of San Diego (AASD).
    RSVP at:

    December 11, 2019, 5:00-7:15 p.m. (at the AASD office, Mission Valley area)
    Empowered Women and Self Defense
    This workshop will emphasize the aspects of self-defense pertaining to personal safety and strategy. Participants will contemplate the strategies they currently utilize to keep themselves safe from violent crime. They will be asked to make decisions and take actions to help further minimize situations that may bring harm to themselves and their families. Plan to bring a charged laptop, tablet or cell to access and navigate websites. This is not a Bruce Lee session in martial arts, although we will have some fun!  The instructor, Dr. Jolie Pickett, Principal of Garfield High School, San Diego Unified School District, formally taught self-defense workshops and TangSooDo karate for over 20 years.

    RSVP required.  There is limited seating.  Please RSVP only if you can attend this event. 
    Appetizers, beverages and door prizes provided.  Sponsored by CALPRO, ACSA Region 18 and AASD.  Note:  If possible, due to heavy traffic, avoid Interstate 8 East.  

    RSVP at:

    Your Empower Hour Planning Team hopes that you will continue to support our activities for the 2019-20 school year.  Please invite and encourage other female leaders, aspiring leaders or retired leaders in the San Diego education family to attend.  We operate on donations and sponsorships only.  If you know of a vendor partner that may wish to sponsor an event, please have them contact Donis Coronel at donis@aasdcs.org.

    Your Empower Hour Planning Team members are: Becky Bravo (Sweetwater), Jennifer Carbuccia (Sweetwater), Dianne Cordero (Sweetwater), Donis Coronel (Planning Team coordinator/AASD), Heather Harris (San Diego Unified), Clorinda Haynes (San Diego Unified), Patti Karlin (SDCOE), Elizabeth Kramer (San Diego Unified) and Gretchen Murphy-Boykin (Poway).

    AASD acknowledges deaths of our members, retirees, or their immediate family members via the Weekly Update.  If you have information on a death to be reported in the AASD Weekly Update, please contact any of the staff at the AASD office with the information.  We appreciate your help with this – we don’t always know right away when a death has occurred or the information on services.

    AASD is sad to report the passing of Fisseha Demoze last Wednesday, October 30, 2019.  Fisseha was an Evaluator in the Planning, Assessment, and Accountability Division.  The funeral was held on Monday, November 4 at the St. Gabriel Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church of San Diego. The burial ceremony was held at Mt. Hope Cemetery.
  • JOB POSTINGS FOR CERTIFICATED POSITIONS AND CLASSIFIED POSITIONS IN THE AASD UNIT.  AASD has been asked to publish the job postings in our Weekly Update. AASD also suggests that all applicants (classified and certificated) mark their calendars to check weekly for new job postings each Monday.  This way, you will not miss out on a posting you might be interested in (as all jobs in the AASD unit must be posted for 10 days).  Additionally, jobs in other units will be posted.

    AASD-Represented CERTIFICATED Job Postings
    None at this time.

    AASD-Represented CLASSIFIED Job Postings
    None at this time.

The AASD Member Relations Committee recently established this section in the Weekly Update to introduce the amazing and diverse members of AASD.

Coming next week...  Get to know Marco Samaniego a little better in the 11/14/2019 Weekly Update.

  • AASD LOGO WEAR FOR SALE!   AASD now has logo wear for sale!  We are selling AASD polo shirts (men’s and women's) $25, AASD denim shirts (men’s and women’s) $25, AASD women’s V-neck T-shirts $17 and ball caps ($18).  One dollar from each purchase goes to the AASD Scholarship Fund.  Cash, check, debit or credit cards accepted.  If you would like to support AASD and proudly wear AASD logo wear, please contact the office about making a purchase!  We can mail the item directly to you or you can stop by the office to see the selection. For some samples, see the images below.
    Image one
    Image two
    Image three

  • DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE VEBA RESOURCE CENTER HEALTHY REBOOT?  The VEBA Resource Center was designed to help VEBA members (employees, retirees and their dependents) manage their well-being through a wide range of programs and services.  This is a free service for all VEBA members and childcare is provided upon request.  Many AASD members have attended and the feedback has been very positive.  Click here  for more information and dates. 
    The annual Fall membership campaign for the Community Service Association, CSA, will be held from October 21 – December 13, 2019.

    CSA is the district’s voluntary employee contribution club, a nonprofit association that is entirely District employee-directed and managed.  Staff members contribute through a voluntary payroll deduction.  CSA supports educational, health and human services, as well as the arts.  Funds are collected throughout the school year and then disbursed through grant awards to charitable organizations in San Diego County, on behalf of district employees. (Or, CSA members may choose to designate a charity to directly receive their donation.)

    Employees can become a member of CSA for as little as $1.00 a month (voluntary payroll deductions are made from September-June).   Employees may use PeopleSoft to sign up or change contributions to CSA at any time.  We invite you to visit our website at

    We will have classified, certificated, and administrator/supervisor vacancies on the CSA Board of Directors in January 2020.  The time commitment is minimal – the Board meets for approximately an hour just five to seven times a year; and there are no other infringements on Board members’ time.  If you (or someone you know) are interested in being a part of a decision-making body that supports those who serve the needy in our community, please send an email by November 10, 2019 to Barbara Asaro at csa@sandi.net

  • CALSTRS WORKSHOPS FOR NEW AND CURRENT CERTIFICATED MEMBERS.  CALSTRS has published their Fall schedule of workshops for new CALSTRS members as well as current members who want to learn more about the retirement system or who are planning for retirement.  These workshops are held here in San Diego at the Mission Valley office.  Start planning for retirement now – be ahead of the curve!
    Click here for list of events.
  • AFSA AFFILIATION! AASD IS NOW LOCAL 134, AFL-CIOAFSA membership is provided to all AASD Members in Good Standing for no additional cost. For more information regarding AFSA and Union Plus benefits, please visit their website:  https://www.theschoolleader.org/
    IMPORTANTFor Members in Good Standing and Affiliate Members who have added AFSA  --  If you have not turned in the “Combined AFSA Benefits Information Form,” please submit the form immediately.  This form must be submitted in order to be eligible for the professional liability, legal services, etc.  You do not need to list your full social security number on the form; however, AFSA has requested that you provide at least the last four digits.  For a copy of the form, click here.
  • IMPORTANT – NEW ELECTRONIC LINK AVAILABLE!  FILL OUT YOUR AASD MEMBERSHIP RECOMMITMENT FORM NOW!  This information pertains to current AASD members who were AASD members prior to June 28, 2018.  It does NOT apply to Affiliate members or Retired members.  Many have asked how to “re-join” AASD in light of the Supreme Court Decision, Janus v. AFSCME.  If you were an AASD member on June 27, 2018, per the Decision, you automatically stayed as an AASD "Member in Good Standing" and will remain so.  However, we are asking all AASD members to re-commit to AASD by completing the google form (link below). This re-confirms your AASD membership and ensures that you have access to the benefits of being an AASD member – legal representation, AASD representation, discounted services, scholarships for your children, professional development reimbursements, etc. 

    Some of you have already filled out the new membership form over the past year – if so, it is not necessary to complete it again.  If you have any questions regarding the re-commitment form, please contact the AASD office at 619-295-2118 or e-mail one of the AASD staff members for assistance.  Thank you in advance for your commitment to our Union – AASD.    


    To review the benefits of being an AASD member, please Click here .   

  • AASD COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENTS POSTED ON THE AASD WEBSITE.  The collective bargaining agreements (contracts) for the AASD classified unit and the AASD certificated unit are posted on the AASD website.  The District no longer provides a hard copy to AASD members.  You are welcome to view the contracts on our website and feel free to print a copy, if you wish. To view the contracts, visit the AASD website at www.aasdcs.org and click on Governance/Contracts or Collective Bargaining/Contracts.
  • AASD WEBSITE Click here www.aasdcs.org  to view our website.  The website is kept up-to-date and current for all of our members (members in good standing, retirees and affiliate members).  Visit the website to view the AASD calendar and for forms and information on our Union, as well as discounts for members.

    If you have any feedback on the  website, please e-mail
    jim@aasdcs.org with your comments.  We hope our website is a great resource for you!

  • ESTATE PLANNING – DISCOUNT FOR AASD MEMBERS!   AASD is pleased to announce our partnership with Greg Runge, Estate Planning Attorney.  Greg is an estate planning attorney with approximately 10 years of experience practicing in the areas of wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney and advance health care directives. In addition to his legal work, Greg is also currently a Lieutenant with a local police department, where he is in his 18th year of service as a sworn officer. As a public employee, Greg is very aware of the unique estate planning issues that can come into play with our members. Greg has focused his legal practice on providing essential estate planning services to public employees and their families at an affordable rate.  This benefit is available to all AASD Members in Good Standing, AASD Affiliate Members and AASD Retired Members.  Greg is offering this service to our members for a flat fee of $750, which is 50% off the going rate for estate planning (very complex or very large estates may require a higher fee that would be individually negotiated with the member).  To contact Greg Runge, please e-mail gregrunge@gmail.com or call (858) 395-4011 and be sure to mention you are an AASD member so you receive the discounted rate.
  • MEMBERSHIP IN THE ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS (ACSA).  There are many benefits of being an ACSA Member – as detailed in this handout (click on link).  Dues are deducted 10 times a year (September-June).

    If AASD members are interested in membership with ACSA, please complete the application (click on link) and return it via e-mail to Deborah Burke, ACSA, at dburke@acsa.org.


  • PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS.  AASD communicates with members via  personal e-mail address.  We do not communicate via "sandi.net."  If your personal email address changes, please remember to notify AASD by e-mailing our Office Clerk, Jim Costello, at  Jim@aasdcs.org .  
  • AASD PROFESSIONAL GROWTH GRANT.  The Administrators Association San Diego City Schools (AASD), in conjunction with the San Diego Unified School District, provides financial grants to members to assist them in their professional growth. Unit members who participate in professional development activities related to job-connected skills or potential careers with the District may qualify to have the cost of registration fees defrayed by available funds up to $100. This includes ACSA-sponsored Academies, Conferences and Institutes. Click here  for more details. 
  • "BENEFIT HUB"  Benefit Hub is an online discount program.  All AASD members have access to thousands of discounts which allows you to save on everything from movies and theme parks to restaurants and sporting events

    This free service provides discounts to car rental companies, theme parks, hotels, and entertainment destinations (i.e., San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Universal Studios, Sea World, etc.). Register online to take advantage of these terrific discounts.  Special offers and discounts are always changing, so check back frequently You can purchase and print tickets from the convenience of your home. 

    Enter the following address in the browser bar, with no leading  w's -
    aasd.benefithub.com Do not do a "search" for Benefit Hub as it will take you to the wrong website.  Click on "Guest" at the upper right-hand side of the screen. Fill in the information and create a password.  If you have any questions about registering, or encounter any problems, call the AASD office for assistance.  If you have any questions about or need assistance with the Benefit Hub website, you can contact Support at (866) 664-4621.

  • DISCOUNT MOVIE TICKETS.  AASD has both AMC and Regal Entertainment Group (Regal/Edwards/UA) movie passes available to members in good standing, affiliate and retired members.  Regal tickets are now $9.00 each. These passes have no expiration date and are unrestricted, so they can be used any time and for newly-released movies.  

    The AMC "Black" tickets are $10.25 each, have no expiration date, and do not have any restrictions.  Contact AASD to purchase tickets or if you have any questions.  

  •  SEE'S CANDIES.  See's Candies gift certificates are available for purchase at AASD by members in good standing, affiliate and retired members.  A gift certificate for one pound of chocolates is now $17.25 eacH, and they have no expiration date.  The current retail amount for a pound of chocolates is $20.50, which saves you $3.25 per pound.   

    Administrators Association of San Diego (AASD) members qualify for quantity discounts on See's candy at the Quantity Discount Rosecrans store. To redeem your discount, show a valid ID; your AASD member card, and provide our account number 6472612. You can also give them the AASD office phone number (619-295-2118) for the discount.  This discount is only valid at 3751 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA 92110.



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