DAILY UPDATE #45 -- 5/18/2020


    AASD will be sending out a Daily Update, Monday-Friday, throughout the school closure period.  The Weekly Update will continue as usual on Thursdays with the typical news and information for AASD members.  The AASD Office will remain closed during the period of time the schools/district are closed.  AASD staff will be working remotely and can be reached at the contact information at the end of this Update.

    AASD has created a Google Form for AASD Members to report issues, questions or concerns regarding work-related issues and the COVID-19 virus.  Any issues, questions or concerns submitted via the Google form will be shared daily with the District.  AASD will then share the answers to issues, questions or concerns submitted as those answers are received from the district.  You may also share your gratitude for another AASD member, district personnel, etc. via the same link.

    The link to share issues/questions/concerns/gratitude is:

    Please do not share this link outside of AASD membership (classified and certificated management/supervisors).  The link will be active until this crisis is over.  PLEASE CHECK THE DISTRICT’S WEBSITE TO ENSURE YOUR ISSUE/QUESTION/ CONCERN HAS NOT ALREADY BEEN ADDRESSED THERE.

    NOTE:  All previous AASD Daily Updates and Weekly Updates are located on the AASD Website www.aasdcs.org if you need to refer back to them for information.
  • Q and A (Monday, May 18, 2020)   (Questions were submitted by AASD members; the answers are from the District.  AASD publishes the answers as they are received from the District.)

    Q – If I am a certificated AASD member (Principal, Vice Principal, Central Office Certificated) and I physically report to work (teacher material pickup, student medication pick up, graduation drive by, etc.) I know I will receive the COVID-19 hazard pay (time and a half) which my timekeeper will enter in timekeeping.  Do I also have to complete a certificated timecard for my supervisor?
    A – (Answer provided to AASD by Payroll Director)  A timecard is not required by Payroll however may be required by the supervisor.  It is at the discretion of the supervisor.  So if your supervisor is requiring a timecard in addition to timekeeping being coded, you must provide the timecard.  If your supervisor is not requiring the timecard, then you don’t need to complete one.

    The following information was sent from PPO/Custodial Operations to all custodial staff and shared with principals:

    As we continue moving forward in accomplishing the daily challenges of embracing and adjusting to challenges brought on by our current local, statewide, national and global situations related to the pandemic, it is important to remember that many are relying on our dedication and persistence in performing the custodial responsibilities that are considered essential services as first responders. Hoping for a return to some form of normalcy is a common goal, while realizing the eventual return will require a new normalcy which involves creative thinking and new expectations and procedures in regard to how we provide custodial services for our students, staff and community. Please understand that your positive approach and persistence is much appreciated and encouraging! The following is an update on some of the most common questions regarding Custodial Services:

    What is the projected return date for all custodial staff? There has been speculation on a possible return sometime in July, but this is only speculation and the return could be sooner or later. I do believe that we are getting closer to an actual confirmed date. Updates regarding a return date will be provided as we receive them. 

    Is it possible to have weekly site visits to assess individual site conditions? At this time we are asking everyone to access your individual sites during monthly site visits, and any authorized site visits for the support of distance learning, laptop distribution/exchange, food services support, emergency situations, etc.

    Am I able to place custodial supply orders? DO NOT place any custodial orders at this time. If you are in need of essential supplies, reach out to your area CSS. Also, any remaining funds left in your site custodial supply budget will be used for supplying summer cleaning essentials to all sites prior to the ordering deadline in anticipation of a return date. CSS’ are actively placing summer custodial supply orders which will be delivered to individual sites. The supplies ordered will take under consideration the possibility of a modified expectation in regard to summer cleaning and will provide start-up supplies needed for the required tasks. More details of the summer cleaning expectations will follow once we have determined an exact return date for custodial staff.

    When will my next monthly site visit be to support distance learning? Monthly site visit dates are coordinated by site administrators. We ask that you communicate with our office as you receive information regarding upcoming monthly site visits. This will allow us to anticipate any support that you may need and also help with the verification of requested compensation. As a reminder, monthly site visits are the time when custodial staff are not only supporting the sanitation process and distance learning, but also using the time to walk through all buildings to assess maintenance concerns and following up with a work order and/or communication. It is also important that during any site visit that you contact school police before and after deactivating/activating main alarms. School police will need to verify that you are authorized to be in the facility, otherwise an officer may visit your site.

    Thank you once again for all your effort and support!
    Ron Dare
    Custodial Operations Program Supervisor


    The following information was sent from the District to Principals on May 15:
    Print Materials
  • Reports of students who have picked up printed materials have been provided to all of the ATLs to share with principals. These reports will be updated weekly. 
  • We recognize the lists may not be completely accurate - we are working on consistency. Our team is doing their best to gather student information as they move efficiently and safely through the distribution lines.

    Secondary Update
    Promotion and Graduation Regalia 

    Due to campus closures, promotion and graduation regalia were delivered to the warehouse and will need to be delivered to sites prior to their designated 8th grade and Senior return/distribution dates:· 
         =  Work with your ASB and Club Advisors to create a list of items that were ordered for promotion or graduation ceremonies (i.e. cords, sashes, pins, etc.). Include the name attached to the order and the vendor for the item.
         =  Email completed lists to Pablo Gonzalez, Warehouse and Distribution Supervisor, 
    pgonzalez1@sandi.net, and Jeff Baumann, Supervising Stock Clerk, jbaumann1@sandi.net Please include potential delivery dates to ensure your site has all items prior to your return/distribution days.

    Coming Soon…..Projects Being Worked On
  • June site access day for end-of-year clean up
  • 5th and 8th Grade Promotion Alternatives - Reashon Villery (Elementary), Michelle Irwin (Middle)

    California Teachers Face Layoffs as Pandemic Forces Big State Budget Cuts (Times of San Diego, May 16)
    Widespread distance learning means more student information is going online  (SD Union Tribune, May 16)

    Tonight on Facebook Live at 5:30 p.m.  ACSA Superintendents Council President on tonight’s Common Purpose, Uncommon Times.  Be sure to join ACSA Executive Director Wes Smith for Common Purpose, Uncommon Times.  Today they will talk with ACSA Superintendent’s Council President Katie McNamara (Superintendent, South Bay Union School District, San Diego County) about the school reopening Call to Action.  There will also be an in-depth May Revise analysis from ACSA Senior Director of Policy and Governmental Relations Edgar Zazueta.  
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    If an AASD member has a department or individual that deserves special recognition during this time of crisis, please use the link above for reporting issues/questions/ concerns/gratitude to show your gratitude for the department or individual.  AASD will publish that special thanks in our next Daily Update.

    For your convenience, the District has created a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  To access that list, click the link https://sites.google.com/sandi.net/covid19/staff-info
    Executive Director, Donis Coronel -- donis@aasdcs.org   619-813-8792
    Office Manager, Linda Crout-Hamel -- 
    linda@aasdcs.org   619-861-2701
    Office Clerk, Jim Costello --
    Please keep informed via the District’s website www.sandi.net, Daily Updates from AASD and via the AASD Website www.aasdcs.org.


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