DAILY UPDATE #65-- 6/19/2020

    AASD will be sending out a Daily Update, Monday-Friday, throughout the school closure period.  The Weekly Update will continue as usual on Thursdays with the typical news and information for AASD members.  The AASD Office will remain closed during the period of time the schools/district are closed.  AASD staff will be working remotely and can be reached at the contact information at the end of this Update.

    AASD has created a Google Form for AASD Members to report issues, questions or concerns regarding work-related issues and the COVID-19 virus.  Any issues, questions or concerns submitted via the Google form will be shared daily with the District.  AASD will then share the answers to issues, questions or concerns submitted as those answers are received from the district.  You may also share your gratitude for another AASD member, district personnel, etc. via the same link.

    The link to share issues/questions/concerns/gratitude is:

    Please do not share this link outside of AASD membership (classified and certificated management/supervisors).  The link will be active until this crisis is over.  PLEASE CHECK THE DISTRICT’S WEBSITE TO ENSURE YOUR ISSUE/QUESTION/ CONCERN HAS NOT ALREADY BEEN ADDRESSED THERE.

    NOTE:  All previous AASD Daily Updates and Weekly Updates are located on the AASD Website www.aasdcs.org if you need to refer back to them for information.

    Sweetwater school district shares proposals with parents in virtual town hall (Fox5 San Diego, June 18)

    The following e-mail was sent out on June 18 to all Building Services Supervisors and Plant Operations Supervisors:
    We finally have a projected return date for all custodial staff. It has been confirmed that July 6, 2020 will be our official return date. Please notify all custodial staff including your site administrators of the return date. More information will be following soon regarding summer deep cleaning expectations, required training and supportive material, etc. Many of you have expressed the desire to get back to work and perform the essential tasks needed. Thank you for your patience and commitment!
    Ron Dare
    Custodial Operations Program Supervisor
    San Diego Unified School District
    Physical Plant Operations

    The following was sent to Principals on June 18:
    • The following Parent Surveys will be sent out centrally Thursday, June 18th at 5:00 pm with a deadline for parents to complete by next Thursday, June 25th.  
    • You may use the above links to post on your school website or share on social media to increase family participation if you would like.
    • Site-specific results will be shared with site leaders on Friday, June 26th via Google spreadsheet.
    • We greatly appreciate your feedback today and understand the desire to have paper copies of this survey; however, at this time we are only able to accommodate digital submissions.
    • Please note this initial survey is designed to help the district lay a basic foundation as we navigate early district planning stages. We know parent decisions may change as we finalize and publicize our health and safety guidelines, after which a formal registration that includes a paper registration option will take place.
    • Please read this update on District-adopted and supplementary instructional materials that will be delivered to schools beginning July 1st. 
    • The FITNESSGRAM will be required in 2020-2021 for students in grades 5, 7, and 9.
    • 9th graders who have not yet passed the Fitnessgram must be enrolled in PE in the 20/21 school year. 
    • Please plan accordingly and reach out to the Physical Education Department if you have any questions.
    If an AASD member has a department or individual that deserves special recognition during this time of crisis, please use the link above for reporting issues/questions/ concerns/gratitude to show your gratitude for the department or individual.  AASD will publish that special thanks in our next Daily Update.

    From Shortie Smith, AASD Member in Good Standing –  “I want to give a HUGE shout out to Samantha Clabaugh, Operations Specialist, Physical Plant Operations. Her work on the weekly PPO COVID update newsletter has been greatly appreciated. Not only is it informative but she writes with an encouraging tone that gives us hope that we can get through this very trying time.”

    Yesterday , Gov. Newsom issued a statewide mandate requiring face coverings to be worn in most public settings. The order specifically exempts schools and childcare settings. 

    Details released by the California Department of Public Health states that people must wear face coverings when in high-risk situations, such as indoor public spaces. There is, however, a footnote that permits the exemption of schools and childcare centers. This is interpreted as the reopening school guidance from CDPH and California Department of Education superseding the face covering mandate. 

    CDPH, face coverings “should” be worn by school staff and students are “encouraged” to use face coverings. CDE’s guidance also states that school staff and students “should” wear face coverings. The term “should” is passive and therefore not a requirement. Face coverings in school settings remain a recommendation only. 

    For your convenience, the District has created a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  To access that list, click the link https://sites.google.com/sandi.net/covid19/staff-info
    Executive Director, Donis Coronel -- donis@aasdcs.org   619-813-8792
    Office Manager, Linda Crout-Hamel -- 
    linda@aasdcs.org   619-861-2701
    Office Clerk, Jim Costello --
    Please keep informed via the District’s website www.sandi.net, Daily Updates from AASD and via the AASD Website www.aasdcs.org.


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