DAILY UPDATE #129 -- 9/24/2020

  • Q and A (Wednesday, September 23, 2020)
    Q:  The Questions from the field link has disappeared from the daily principal updates.  Where did it go?
    A:  (Answer provided by the District)   

    The following communication was sent to principals on September 23:
    • This document provides Special Education updates on the following topics: 
      • Clarification regarding parent email
      • Powerschool tips and Office Hours
      • Guidance document and summary
      • Assessments
      • Related service provider staffing
      • Clarification of consent 
    • Important dates:
      • Prior to September 25th: Sites should not drop students unless parents have explicitly informed the staff of withdrawal or a site receives a records request from the new school. 
      • September 25th: IT No Show Drops will occur for any No Shows between Aug 31- Sept 18 providing 1 additional week for staff to reconcile attendance.
      • September 28th: Any pupil with 10 consecutive unexcused absences may be dropped by sites.
      • October 2nd: The District’s Official Enrollment will be based on this date's data (5th Friday). 
    • Question: “If a student has 10 consecutive absences are they being dropped this Friday? 8/31-9/18…” 
      • Answer:  No, only pupils who have been 100% NO SHOW between August 31 and September 25 will be dropped by IT. Any pupil who has shown up even 1 day will not be dropped.
    • Please Reference:
    • Contact Marceline Marques with questions.
  • Middle School Grade Storing
    • As we are approaching the first progress reporting period, site techs met to receive guidance on how to store grades with the modified schedules we are using that places all secondary schools on a “quarter” system. See below for grade reporting charts for MIDDLE SCHOOLS ONLY by model/school:
    • Due to the nature of grade storing for schools using the Quarterly rotations chart, we are also providing talking points that can be shared with staff and parents.
    If an AASD member has a department or individual that deserves special recognition during this time of crisis, please use the link below for reporting issues/questions/concerns/gratitude to show your gratitude for the department or individual.  AASD will publish that special thanks in our next Daily Update.

    From an AASD Member in Good Standing:  “Great respect and gratitude for AASD Executive Director, Donis Coronel, and AASD team members, Linda Crout-Hamel and Jim Costello, that keep us apprised of valuable information and lobby tirelessly on our behalf. The support has been constant throughout this difficult time and I wanted you all to know that many of us are highly appreciative!”

    The hotline established with the District is available to AASD unit members and other management who are charged with enforcing the health and safety policies and procedures.  Call the hotline when you need immediate assistance when conflicts arise, clarification is needed, or decisions must be made regarding health and safety matters. 

    This hotline is for ALL AASD represented members, both classified and certificated.  The hotline phone number is
    (619) 981-0760.  The hotline is available on all District workdays, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  In the rare event that a message must be left, all calls will be returned promptly, within the same day.
    AASD will be sending out a Daily Update, Monday-Friday, throughout the return to instruction/school reopening period.  The Weekly Update will continue as usual on Thursdays with the typical news and information for AASD members.  The AASD Office continues to remain closed.  AASD staff are working remotely and can be reached via the contact information at the end of this Update.

    AASD has created a Google Form for AASD Members to report issues, questions or concerns regarding work-related issues, COVID-19, return to instruction and school reopening.  AASD will provide answers to issues, questions or concerns submitted as answers become available.  You may also share your gratitude for another AASD member, district personnel, etc., via the same link.

    The link to share issues/questions/concerns/gratitude is:

    Please do not share this link outside of AASD membership (classified and certificated management/supervisors).  The link will be active until this crisis is over. 

    NOTE:  All previous AASD Daily Updates and Weekly Updates are located on the AASD Website www.aasdcs.org if you need to refer back to them for information.

    For your convenience, the District has created a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  To access that list, click the link https://sites.google.com/sandi.net/covid19/staff-info
    Executive Director, Donis Coronel -- donis@aasdcs.org   619-813-8792
    Office Manager, Linda Crout-Hamel -- 
    linda@aasdcs.org   619-861-2701
    Office Clerk, Jim Costello --
    Please keep informed via the District’s website www.sandi.net, Daily Updates from AASD and via the AASD Website www.aasdcs.org.


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