DAILY UPDATE #182 -- 1/04/2021

    The AASD Board of Directors and AASD Staff hope that all members had time during the winter break to relax, enjoy and rest!  Happy New Year and may we all look forward to a brighter 2021.  Please feel free to reach out to the AASD Staff at any time and also please remember that the AASD-negotiated hot line referenced at the bottom of this Update continues to be up and running.

    Please click the link below to read Superintendent Marten’s letter to staff and families. 

    SDUSD Letter to Staff and School Community
    In addition, the following statement was issued by the CA large urban district superintendents:
    For immediate release December 30, 2020 
    Contact: Shannon Haber, 213-393-1289
    Joint Statement from
    Fresno Unified Superintendent Robert G. Nelson, Long Beach Unified Superintendent Jill Baker, Los Angeles Unified Superintendent Austin Beutner, Oakland Unified Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell, Sacramento City Unified Superintendent Jorge A. Aguilar, San Diego Unified Superintendent Cindy Marten and San Francisco Unified Superintendent Vincent Matthews
    On behalf of the more than 1 million students we serve, we welcome the efforts by the Newsom administration to make the reopening of public schools a priority. As we noted in our letter of November 2, it will take a coordinated effort at the state and local levels to reopen schools as soon as possible while protecting the health and safety of all in the school community.
    We will look carefully at what is being proposed and intend to provide feedback to the Governor and his staff, as well as our legislative representatives in Sacramento, to make sure the guidelines address the needs of students and families served by large, urban districts across the state.
    We recognize much time has been put into the Governor’s plan, as two months have passed since our letter of November 2. We will provide a thorough response prior to the Legislature reconvening on January 11.

    The Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) issued the following statement:

    Today, Gov. Newsom launched California’s Safe Schools for All Plan that creates a pathway for California public school districts to physically reopen, while also prioritizing the health and safety of our students, teachers and staff.
    The plan’s framework consists of four pillars: (1) Funding; (2) Safety and Mitigation; (3) Oversight and Assistance; (4) Transparency and Accountability. During a news conference earlier today, Newsom shared research published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reiterating that students physically attending school have a low risk of transmission and getting students back into the classroom is especially important for our youngest students, students with disabilities, as well as those students who are disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. 
    ACSA is an advocate for physically reopening schools when it is deemed safe and the proper protocols are in place to protect students, teachers and staff. We believe our students need to be back in the classroom and we are supportive of the governor’s endeavor to reopen school campuses. 
    While we appreciate the efforts from the administration, we look forward to seeing additional details on COVID testing, workforce considerations and unintended consequences for schools that are currently open. Our goal is to continue to leverage your input as we work with the Newsom administration to open school this spring.
    • To read the summary of the California’s Safe Schools for All Plan, click here.
    • To read the evidence summary, click here.
    • To read the rationale summary, click here.
    The County Office of Education has paused all “school employee” only testing sites.  SDUSD employees may use any of the County of SD testing sites (click on link below).  It is suggested that any employee who is reporting in person to the work site elect to be tested every two weeks.  AASD members who are “non-exempt” may use the 2-hour personal business time to test on work time.  Those who are “exempt” employees may invoke the contract language for “partial day absence” and test on work time.

  • Q AND A (Monday, January 4, 2021)
    Q:  I was told by our Elementary School Assistant (ESA) that if we call out sick we have to get a COVID test done before we can return to work.  Is this true?
    A:  (Answer provided by the District)  If an employee reports out sick and those symptoms are those in the list that represent symptoms of COVID, then the employee can do either of these two things:  They can get a COVID test and return with a negative test and improvement of symptoms for 48 hours or they can stay off of work for 10 days with improvement of symptoms.  Other illnesses that are not COVID symptoms can return immediately, for example if someone should get a laceration and need stitches or have a dental issue.

    Responses of cheer and doubt to Governor Newsom's plan for in- person instruction (Ed Source, December 30)
    When will teachers receive the coronavirus vaccine?  Some have and others are waiting (Washington Post, January 3)  (Includes a quote from SDUSD student board member Zachary Patterson)

    SDUSD may get $128 million in federal COVID funding relief (SD Union Tribune, December 31)

    Biden team's multibillion-dollar school COVID testing plan takes shape (Politico, December 23)

    CA substitute teacher shortage compounded by the pandemic could keep some schools closed (Ed Source, December 28)

    Education Interrupted – A Documentary (EdSource)


    The hotline established with the District is available to AASD unit members and other management who are charged with enforcing the health and safety policies and procedures.  Call the hotline when you need immediate assistance when conflicts arise, clarification is needed, or decisions must be made regarding health and safety matters. 

    This hotline is for ALL AASD represented members, both classified and certificated.  The hotline phone number is
    (619) 981-0760.  The hotline is available on all District workdays, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  In the rare event that a message must be left, all calls will be returned promptly, within the same day.
    If an AASD member has a department or individual that deserves special recognition during this time of crisis, please use the link below for reporting issues/questions/concerns/gratitude to show your gratitude for the department or individual.  AASD will publish that special thanks in our next Daily Update.

    AASD will be sending out a Daily Update, Monday-Friday, throughout the return to instruction/school reopening period.  The Weekly Update will continue as usual on Thursdays with the typical news and information for AASD members.  The AASD Office continues to remain closed.  AASD staff are working remotely and can be reached via the contact information at the end of this Update.

    AASD has created a Google Form for AASD Members to report issues, questions or concerns regarding work-related issues, COVID-19, return to instruction and school reopening.  AASD will provide answers to issues, questions or concerns submitted as answers become available.  You may also share your gratitude for another AASD member, district personnel, etc., via the same link.

    The link to share issues/questions/concerns/gratitude is:

    Please do not share this link outside of AASD membership (classified and certificated management/supervisors).  The link will be active until this crisis is over. 
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    For your convenience, the District has created a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  To access that list, click the link 

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