AASD Weekly Update 5/05/2022

  • THE AASD SUMMERFEST IS BACK AASD’s Member Relations Committee is happy to announce that AASD’s Annual Summerfest celebration is back!  Traditionally (minus the COVID years), AASD holds its annual Summerfest celebration at the end of the school year to not only recognize our AASD Distinguished Leaders and new Retirees, but to celebrate all of our members!  The event is free for all AASD Members in Good Standing, Retired Members and Affiliate Members.  Summerfest 2022 will be June 17 at 5pm at Marina Village and the theme will be “Aloha Friday."  Complimentary beverages, appetizers, dinner, dessert, music, dancing, door prizes, and a whole lot of FUN will be provided!  The flyer and information on how to RSVP will be in the US Mail within the next few days.  Don’t miss out!    RSVP IS NECESSARY!  Aloha!
  • ARE YOU A MILITARY VETERAN OR RESERVIST?  The American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA), of which AASD is Local 134, is requesting a list of members who were/are active duty or reservists in the military.  AFSA would like to focus on members who have served our country with some nice recognition.  If you have military service, please complete this Google form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdAzzMMBeVMy18tyIsZTtthWmW7VftyWl61mSlX5IbYWI5H8A/viewform?usp=sf_link
  • AASD ELECTONS FOR THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR 2022-23 AND 2023-24 Please take the time to vote for representatives for the AASD Board of Directors.  Candidate statements and links to the ballots are below.  Please click ONLY on the link that pertains to your particular job class (i.e., if you are an elementary principal, click that link.  If you are a classified supervisor, click that link, etc.).  Voting is open to AASD Members in Good Standing only.
    Voting closes on May 11, 2022 at 11:59 PM.  Those running for the various positions are YOUR representatives.  Please take the time to vote!  Scroll down and find your job category and read the candidate statements.
    Jennifer (Jenney) Nash, Associate Principal (VP), Muirlands Middle
    My name is Jennifer Nash and I would love to represent the Vice/Associate Principals (VP’s) in SDUSD.  I have been on the Board of Directors since 2017 and would love to continue to represent our group.  I have been a Vice Principal  since 2003 and in 2017, helped to establish the Vice Principals Council (VPC) for Mid Level and K-8 Vice Principals (now Associate Principals).   The intent behind the VPC was anchored in a desire to create opportunities for our constituents to connect around issues pertaining to our roles in Elementary and Middle Schools.  I would be honored to continue this important work and represent you and your voice in the district. 
    Ballot for Vice/Associate Principals:

    Troy Hickey, Building Services Supervisor III, Pacific Beach Middle School
    I am running to be the representative for BSS III's and POS's on the AASD Board of Directors and would appreciate your support and vote. I am currently serving as the representative for the BSS III’s & POS’s on the AASD Board of Directors. I also serve on the AASD Executive Board, AASD Member Relations Committee and AASD Scholarship Committee, representing classified employees. This month, I start my 32nd year in the district; all in the Custodial Department. I have been a BSS III for about 19 years. I have worked TOC as a POS and a CSS over the years.   Over the years, I have served on many district or union (CSEA & AASD) committees or task forces, either voluntarily or by request.  I always do my best to represent and speak up for what is right, fair and in the best interests for the custodial employees to do our jobs in the safest and most efficient way.  I, obviously, like volunteering my time to represent my colleagues and have done so in the past and currently in organizations related to work and outside of the workplace as well.  I would be honored to continue to represent the best interests of the BSS III’s & POS’s on the AASD Board of Directors.  The AASD union is only as strong as our members and the combined voice of all of us as one.

    Ballot for BSSIII/POS: 
    The Central Office Certificated Manager representative is voted on in the “odd” numbered years.  However, Central Office Certificated Managers may click on the following link to vote for Health and Welfare Representatives and Committee Co-Chairs.

    Ballot for Central Office Certificated Manager: 
    Samantha Clabaugh, Operations Specialist, Physical Plant Operations
    I have been one of the two Classified Manager Representatives for the past four years, and I am running again for this office. I also have served for six years on the AASD Professional Development Committee.  I have been with SDUSD for 35 years, both at school sites and central office, with my first managerial assignment in 2006.  I value and promote our members making a difference, as they ensure daily that our staff and students are having the best possible outcomes. I would be honored to serve again and represent your voice and opinions.

    Ballot for Classified Managers: 
    Paula Hamar, Supervising Rehabilitation Specialist
    My name is Paula K. Hamar and I have worked for the district for 16 years and counting.  I split my time between working with TRACE school with 18-22 year old special education students out in the community and with the Mental Health Resource Center at our Prevention/Early Intervention Program teaching social/emotional skills to students in elementary classrooms and providing parenting classes and resources to the families.  I have been lucky enough to be a part of the Board of Directors representing Classified Supervisors for the past 5 years and on the Executive Board for the past 3 years.  Over these past 5 years, I have learned a great deal and have enjoyed my time on the board.  I would be honored to be able to continue to represent this group of AASD members to ensure we are all recognized for the hard work we continue to do. 
    Ballot for Classified Supervisors:   

    Irene Hightower, Principal, Hancock Elementary
    Serving on AASD Board of Directors for many years as a Vice Principal Representative, Co-Chair of Member Relations and now as the Elementary Principals’ Representative has been an act of service I hold near and dear to my heart.  Providing input on various district committees as well as AASD sub-committees during the pandemic was time consuming, but I was glad I was able to support our team during such a trying time.  I hope to continue to serve my colleagues as their representative to provide input from the Elementary Principal perspective and advocate for items that affect our group. 

    Ballot for Elementary Principals:   
    The Food Services Supervisor/Area Supervisor representative is voted on in the “odd” numbered years.  However, Food Services Supervisors/Area Supervisors may click on the following link to vote for Health and Welfare Representatives and Committee Co-Chairs.

    Ballot for Food Services Supervisor/Area Supervisors:  
    Jamey Jaramillo, Principal, DePortola Middle
    I am honored at the opportunity to represent Mid-Level principals on the AASD Board of Directors.  My admin career consists of two years at a vice principal at Farb Middle School, four years as Principal at Sunset View Elementary, and three years as principal at De Portola.  I whole-heartedly value the work and support that goes into fostering a healthy relationship between AASD and SDUSD.

    Ballot for Middle Level/K-8 Principals:  
    Jesus Montana, Sergeant, School Police
    I am running for re-election as the Police Management Association (PMA) President.  I have been with SDUSD since 1979, as a kindergartener.  I began School Police as a Community Service Officer 23 years ago, became a sworn Police Officer in 2000 and now continue as a Police Sergeant.  Concurrently, I served the POA as Treasurer (5 years), Vice-President (1 year) and President (14 years).  I joined AASD five years ago and helped create the PMA and became the President.  During my first year of AASD, I also joined the Bargaining Team as a member, and then was appointed to serve as the Classified Bargaining Chair. I have represented school police management on the AASD Board of Directors as the PMA President for the last five years and as an AASD Executive Board member for the last four years. Now I ask for your vote to continue this distinguished honor in representing you as your PMA President.

    Ballot for Police Management Association: 
    The Sr. High School Principal representative is voted on in the “odd” numbered years.  However, Senior High Principals may click on the following link to vote for Health and Welfare Representatives and Committee Co-Chairs.

    Ballot for Senior High Principals: 

    The following are candidate statements for the representative and co-chair positions that are listed on each of the ballots above (classified on classified ballots; certificated on certificated ballots):
    John Aguilar, Principal, Normal Heights Elementary (certificated representative)
    My name is John Aguilar and I am running for a seat on the AASD Board of Directors representing Health and Welfare.  I proudly served on the AASD Bargaining Team from 2014-2018 and I currently serve on the AASD Board of Directors/Executive Board (since 2018).  I believe these experiences make a positive contribution to our Board of Directors and I would love your support.
    Phil Baertschi, Custodial Services Supervisor (classified representative)
    My name is Phil Baertschi and I am a Custodial Services Supervisor and have been in the Custodial family for over 38 years. I am currently on the AASD Board of Directors and would like to continue serving as the classified representative on the Health and Welfare committee. Please consider voting for me and I will do my best to represent and provide assistance when needed.
    Nina Dixon-Mauricia, Principal, Linda Vista Elementary (certificated)
    As a site administrator, I am often executing the well-intentioned directives of individuals who may not fully understand the complexity of my and your role. In serving as your Certificated Co-Chair on the Legislative and Political Affairs Committee, I hope to continue to work towards widening the perspective of policy-makers so that our first-hand accounts and lived-leadership experiences become a consideration and not an after-thought in the creation of policies that directly impact our roles.  It’s been my profound honor to serve as Co-Chair and I would appreciate your vote as I seek to continue to serve on your behalf.
    Marci Lammey, Supervising Administrative Assistant II, Extended Learning (classified)
    I am currently serving as the classified co-chair of the Legislative And Political Affairs (LAPA) Committee and am once again running to hold this position.  I began my SDUSD employment journey in 2002 and have been a member of AASD since 2003.  My political involvement began 16 years ago and includes local, state and federal elections.  I have done everything from collecting ballot signatures, making phone calls, and registering voters, to working the campaign trail and attending political rallies.  The LAPA Committee calls to me as this is where I feel I can bring my knowledge of the political process and my passion and desire to make a difference to the members of AASD.  I would be honored to once again serve as the classified co-chair of the Legislative And Political Affairs Committee.
    Susan Kent, Associate Principal, Wangenheim Middle (certificated)
    I have been an associate principal and math administrator for over 20 years in SDUSD serving our students and families.  I love the Member Relations Committee for their dedication, commitment and friendship.  I enjoy cooking, baking, gardening, and organizing.  I would be honored to serve as your Co-Chair of the Member Relations Committee.  I will do my best for both classified and certificated members.  Thank you.
    Maria Moore-Flagg, Retired (classified)
    After serving SDUSD for 34 years, I retired in 2017 as a Classified Supervisor.  I have actively supported AASD as Classified Co-Chair for the Member Relations committee for the past 10 years.  I am passionate about my engagement with AASD programs and the responsibilities of my current role as Co-Chair of Member Relations, Co-Chair of the Retiree Network, and as a member of the AASD Board of Directors.  My foundational beliefs and commitment have supported the creation of sustainable programs.  If re-elected, it will be my honor to remain committed to actively supporting our members and the integrity of our Union.
    Mario Garcia, Translation Supervisor Special Education Programs (classified)
    I am currently in my 6th year as Supervisor of the Special Education Translation/Interpretation Department.  I have served the children and families of SDUSD for over 14 years as a Spanish/English interpreter.  I have enjoyed being involved in helping our AASD group prepare for the March Spring Conference as the co-chair of AASD's Professional Development Committee.  I would be honored to continue to serve as Co-Chair of this committee.
    Julie Garcia, Director, Educational Technology (certificated)
    My name is Julie Garcia and this is my 28th year in the San Diego Unified School District (not counting my time here as a student). I spent 20 years teaching math at Memorial Academy and Innovation Middle School where I discovered my passion for teaching and learning with technology. I currently use that knowledge in my leadership practices. During the past two years I have been quite busy curating content for learning at home, training over 5,000 teachers how to teach online, supporting teachers in teaching online and simulcasting, supporting sites as a substitute during staff shortages, and most recently, serving as the interim principal of iHigh Virtual Academy. In addition, I am co-leading the 1:1 device program for SDUSD.  It would be an honor to serve on the AASD Board of Directors as the Professional Development Committee Co-Chair as I believe this is an area that best utilizes my skill set. I am an innovative thinker and hard worker that would provide quality opportunities for our leaders.
    Audra Mandler, Principal, Encanto Elementary (certificated)
    I have been in SDUSD for the past 20 years. For the past 6 years, I have been the proud principal of Encanto Elementary and the previous six as a school resource teacher. I lead a Two-Way-Dual Language Title 1 school within the Lincoln cluster. In addition to second language learners and students of poverty, 14% of our students receiving services through Individualized Education Plans. I am building my leadership capacity in Cohort 4 of NISL, and participated in a year of coaching through the National Center for Urban School Transformation (NCUST). As an instructional leader of adults as well as students, I believe in the principles of Malcolm Knowles' andragogy learning theory model: (1) Adults need to know why they need to learn something (2) Adults need to learn experientially, (3) Adults approach learning as problem-solving, and (4) Adults learn best when the topic is of immediate value. I am running for Professional Development Co-Chair to support the design of professional learning for our leaders grounded in our Why, based on current needs, and directly related and valuable to the work we are executing on our sites.
    Jason Navarro, Associate Principal, Logan Memorial Educational Complex (certificated)
    I am currently serving as an associate (vice) principal of Logan Memorial Educational Campus. I began my career in education as a teacher for LAUSD and served as an administrator and Director of Instruction for Alliance College Ready Public Schools before relocating to San Diego. I accepted a position with SDUSD in March 2020, right before schools across the nation closed and have been an AASD member ever since. I participated in the district’s focus groups on Standards Based Grading and recently got involved with AASD by joining the AASD Focus Groups on Clerical and SpEd Staffing. I am running for the Professional Development Co-Chair position because I am firm believer that high quality and relevant professional development can increase a leader’s efficacy to support high quality instruction and cultivate schools where adults and students thrive.  As a newer member of SDUSD and AASD, I hope that my experiences can offer a unique perspective to the AASD Board of Directors and would be honored to serve as your Co-Chair for the Professional Development committee.
    Veronica Ortega, Operations Specialist, Leadership and Learning/Counseling and Guidance (classified)
    Hello and thank you for this opportunity! My name is Veronica Ortega, Operations Specialist in Leadership and Learning/Counseling & Guidance. I’ve been with the District for over 28 years, working at all levels of the K-12 system. I’ve been with AASD since 2004 and love the values and professionalism of the Association. I currently sit on the Finance Committee and Co-Chair the Scholarship Committee. I would greatly appreciate your support in my continued role as Classified Representative on the Board of Directors and as Co-Chair of the Scholarship Committee.  Gracias!
    Sharon Rubalcava, Program Manager, Counseling and Guidance (certificated)
    My name is Sharon Rubalcava, and I am the Program Manager of Counseling and Guidance.  I have served as the co-chair of the Scholarship Committee alongside my colleague, Veronica Ortega, since January 2020.  I also am on the Executive Board for AASD.  I have a strong affiliation with scholarships, not just because of my position with Counseling and Guidance, but because I received a scholarship (native San Diegan Scholarship) that funded my time through SDSU. I would also add that even though my own children did not benefit from scholarships, it means so much to see the work AASD does with its members’ children.  Please vote for me!  I will not disappoint!

  • AASD DISTINGUISHED LEADERS HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR 2021-22 Please join us in congratulating the following AASD members who will be recognized at Summerfest 2022 on June 17 as AASD Distinguished Leaders.  They were nominated by their peers and selections were made by the AASD Member Relations Committee.  Congratulations to this group of outstanding AASD members!

    Category, Nominee Selected, Job Title, Department/School
    Vice/Associate Principal, Erin Leszynski, VP/AP, Mission Bay High
    Vice/Associate Principal, Jessie Salas, VP/AP, Hancock/Jerebek/Bethune
    Vice/Associate Principal, Miriam Atlas, AP/VP, Garfield High
    BSS III/POS, Ivan Martinez, POS, Hoover High
    Central Office Certificated Manager, Dean Darley, Program Manager, CCTE
    Classified Manager, Bryan Ehm, Manager, PPO
    Classified Supervisor, Anthony Garibay, Catering Coordinator, Food Services
    Classified Supervisor, Mario Garcia, Supervisor, SPED Translation
    Elementary Principal, Peggy Crane, Principal, Fay Elementary
    Food Services Supv/Area Supv, Jan Wendt, FS Area Supervisor, Food Services
    High School Principal, Jeff Sabins, Principal, Mira Mesa High
    Middle Level Principal, Dave Downey, Principal, Wilson Middle
    Retiree, Debra Bralla, Retired AASD Member 
    Special Recognition, Juan Romo, Principal, Emerson Elementary

    AASD has been asked to publish the job postings in our Weekly Update.  AASD also suggests that all applicants (classified and certificated) mark their calendars to check weekly for new job postings each Monday.  This way, you will not miss out on a posting you might be interested in (as all jobs in the AASD unit must be posted for 10 days). 

    AASD-Represented CERTIFICATED Job Postings 
    Principal, Fay Elementary, Closes 5/10
    Principal, Hearst Elementary, Closes 5/10
    Principal, Pershing Middle, Closes 5/10
    Principal, Curie Elementary, Re-Post, Closes 5/10
    Principal, McKinley Elementary Re-Post, Closes 5/10
    Principal, Madison High, Re-Post, Closes 5/10
    Principal, Emerson Elementary, Closes 5/10
    Principal, Torrey Pines Elementary, Closes 5/10
    Program Specialist, Special Education, Due Process, Closes 5/15
    Program Specialist, Special Education, Closes 5/15
    Instructional Coordinator, SDSCPA Arts, Closes 5/15
    Instructional Coordinator, SDSCPA Academics, Closes 5/15


    AASD-Represented CLASSIFIED Job Postings
    Operations Auditor, Closes 5/18
    Systems Development Coordinator, Closes 5/17


    When members wish to show their gratitude for other district staff, please contact Donis Coronel at  donis@aasdcs.org and AASD will publish that message of gratitude in the next Weekly Update.
    AASD acknowledges deaths of our members, retirees, or their immediate family members via the Weekly Update.  If you have information on a death to be reported in the AASD Weekly Update, please contact any of the staff at the AASD office with the information.  We appreciate your help with this – we don’t always know right away when a death has occurred or the information on services.

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    AASD has had a great relationship with Ranch Events for years.  They cater many of our social events.  This family meal service allows Ranch Events to keep their staff employed as many catering events are being canceled.

  • AASD LOGO WEAR.  Did you know AASD has professional AASD logo wear perfect for wearing to work?  We do!  We have Polo Shirts in styles for both men and women.  We also have denim shirts for men and women, and a V-neck T-Shirt for women.  And we even have ball caps!  If you are interested, contact AASD Office Manager, Linda Crout-Hamel, via e-mail linda@aasdcs.org or at the office 619-295-2118.  The logo wear is very reasonably-priced.  Payment can be taken over the phone (for debit/credit card) or a check can be mailed to the office.  The logo wear can then be mailed or delivered to you.  Look sharp wearing your AASD logo wear!  Represent!
    The AASD Office is open with health and safety measures in place.  Office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday-Thursday.  Staff will be working remotely on Fridays.  We ask that you call the office before visiting to ensure staff are not offsite at an appointment, running work-related errands or at lunch.  To check in before visiting, the office phone number is 619-295-2118.

    The AASD Weekly Update will continue as usual on Thursdays with important news and information for AASD members. 
  • MEMBERSHIP IN THE ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS (ACSA).  There are two promotional applications starting this year. 
    • $2 a day for Regular ACSA memberships.
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      You will notice that on this new application form (in section 5), there are two options that will be in play starting this year…standard regular OR consolidated charter dues. The attached application would be used for SDUSD members. The SDUSD members fall in the Select Union category and will be eligible for the $1/day ACSA Memberships without the legal support or they can choose to do a Regular Membership with full legal support. 

  • DISCOUNT MOVIE TICKETS.  AASD has both AMC and Regal Entertainment Group (Regal/Edwards/UA) movie passes available to members in good standing, affiliate and retired members.  Regal tickets are $9.00 each. These passes have no expiration date and are unrestricted, so they can be used any time and for newly-released movies.  

    The AMC tickets are $10.25 each, have no expiration date, and do not have any restrictions.  Contact AASD to purchase tickets or if you have any questions.

    Placing and fulfilling an order can be done via phone, email and U.S. mail.  Please contact Linda Crout-Hamel
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  • IMPORTANT - PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS.  AASD communicates with members via  personal e-mail address.  We do not communicate via "sandi.net."  If you know of a colleague that is not receiving the Update, or if your personal email address changes, please remember to notify AASD by e-mailing Linda Crout-Hamel at linda@aasdcs.org. 
    AFSA membership is provided to all AASD Members in Good Standing at no additional cost. For more information regarding AFSA and Union Plus benefits, please visit their website:  https://www.theschoolleader.org/

    IMPORTANTFor Members in Good Standing and Affiliate Members who have added AFSA  --  If you have not turned in the “Combined AFSA Benefits Information Form,” please submit the form immediately.  This form must be submitted in order to be eligible for the professional liability, legal services, etc.  You do not need to list your full social security number on the form; however, AFSA has requested that you provide at least the last four digits.  For a copy of the form, click here

    For all our Members in Good Standing, and Affiliates and Retirees who have selected to be members of AFSA, there are many money-saving programs offered to you.  Click here to review your many options!
  • IMPORTANT – ELECTRONIC LINK AVAILABLE!  FILL OUT YOUR AASD MEMBERSHIP RECOMMITMENT FORM NOW!  This information pertains to current AASD members who were AASD members prior to June 28, 2018.  It does NOT apply to Affiliate members or Retired members.  Many have asked how to “re-join” AASD in light of the Supreme Court Decision, Janus v. AFSCME.  If you were an AASD member on June 27, 2018, per the Decision, you automatically stayed as an AASD "Member in Good Standing" and will remain so.  However, we are asking all AASD members to re-commit to AASD by completing the Google form (link below). This re-confirms your AASD membership and ensures that you have access to the benefits of being an AASD member – legal representation, AASD representation, discounted services, scholarships for your children, professional development reimbursements, etc. 

    Some of you have already filled out the new membership form over the past year – if so, it is not necessary to complete it again.  If you have any questions regarding the re-commitment form, please contact the AASD office at 619-295-2118 or e-mail one of the AASD staff members for assistance.  Thank you in advance for your commitment to our Union – AASD.  


    To review the benefits of being an AASD member, please Click here. 

  • AASD COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENTS ARE POSTED ON THE AASD WEBSITE.  The collective bargaining agreements (contracts) for the AASD classified unit and the AASD certificated unit are posted on the AASD website.  The District no longer provides a hard copy to AASD members.  You are welcome to view the contracts on our website and feel free to print a copy, if you wish. To view the contracts, visit the AASD website at www.aasdcs.org and click on Governance/Contracts or Collective Bargaining/Contracts.
  • AASD WEBSITE.  Click here www.aasdcs.org  to view our website.  The website is kept up-to-date and current for all of our members (members in good standing, retirees and affiliate members).  Visit the website to view the AASD calendar and for forms and information on our Union, as well as discounts for members.
  • ESTATE PLANNING – DISCOUNT FOR AASD MEMBERS!   AASD has a partnership with Greg Runge, Estate Planning Attorney.  Greg is an estate planning attorney with approximately 10 years of experience practicing in the areas of wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney and advance health care directives. In addition to his legal work, Greg is also currently a Lieutenant with a local police department, where he is in his 19th year of service as a sworn officer. As a public employee, Greg is very aware of the unique estate planning issues that can come into play with our members. Greg has focused his legal practice on providing essential estate planning services to public employees and their families at an affordable rate.  This benefit is available to all AASD Members in Good Standing, AASD Affiliate Members and AASD Retired Members.  Greg is offering this service to our members for a flat fee of $750, which is 50% off the going rate for estate planning (very complex or very large estates may require a higher fee that would be individually negotiated with the member).  To contact Greg Runge, please e-mail gregrunge@gmail.com or call (858) 395-4011 and be sure to mention you are an AASD member so you receive the discounted rate.
  • AASD PROFESSIONAL GROWTH GRANT.  The Administrators Association San Diego City Schools (AASD), in conjunction with the San Diego Unified School District, provides financial grants to members to assist them in their professional growth. Unit members who participate in professional development activities related to job-connected skills or potential careers with the District may qualify to have the cost of registration fees defrayed by available funds up to $100. This includes ACSA-sponsored Academies, Conferences and Institutes. Click here  for more details. 
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    The Benefits Portal - In addition to discounts and specials, BenefitHub also offers CASH BACK on some products and services!  Get to know the benefit portal by visiting the BenefitHub website.  The site is very user friendly.  It is easy to do a search under various headings and categories, including Newest, Most Popular, Local Deals, Health and Wellness and Pay Over Time,  just to name a few.  

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  • AASD Contact Information ON REMOTE WORKING DAYS:
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    Office Manager, Linda Crout-Hamel -- linda@aasdcs.org   619-861-2701
    Office Clerk (Retired), Jim Costello -- jim@aasdcs.org  (Membership inquiries only)


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