SPECIAL UPDATE -- 3/4/2024



    AASD NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT…and you will have FUN doing it!  SIGN UP NOW TO SUPPORT STUDENTS!  It’s time for "CASINO NIGHT"!
    AASD and the Scholarship Committee are preparing for the April 19, 2024,
    Casino Night Fundraiser and we hope you will join us!  Casino Night Flyer
    Casino Night is a fun-filled “Vegas style” event with casino table play, food, beverages, music and dancing, and chances to win amazing prizes!  Tickets are $85, which includes:  $100 in Casino Table Chips, All-You-Can-Eat Tacos, Churro Cart, 2 Drink Tickets for beer and wine, and other beverages. 
    Additional drink tickets and casino chips will be available for purchase.
    This is not gambling – you will not play with money or win money.  Games are played with chips.  At the end of the evening, chips are traded in for raffle tickets.  You will then place the raffle tickets in a bag at the prize(s) you wish to win.  You can put several tickets in the drawing for several prizes or put all your tickets in one prize bag to increase your chances of winning. 
    It’s a lot fun!
    Not a fan of casino games?  That’s okay – you can still support the Scholarship Program.  Purchase a ticket and have a fun evening socializing, enjoying good food, listening to music, and watching/listening to the cheers (or groans) of the people playing the games.  Or you can simply make a donation if you don't want to attend the event.
    This is not an AASD member-only event.  Please share this information with family, friends, other colleagues, etc.  Anyone 21 years and older is welcome to purchase a ticket to attend.

    If you cannot attend the event but would like to contribute to the AASD Scholarship Fund, please follow the PAYMENT instructions below to make a donation.  Do not RSVP if you are only making a donation.

    All proceeds will benefit your senior students through the AASD Scholarship Program.
    To RSVP and pay for your ticket, follow these steps:
    • RSVP Your RSVP is required by the deadline of April 8.  Click on this link to RSVP.  
      NOTE:  If you are bringing a guest, you must pay for that guest by the deadline of April 8.  Include your guest's name(s) when you RSVP.  
    • PAYMENT:  Your payment is required in advance and no later than 5 PM on April 8. 
      1. MAIL your check, made payable to UASC Foundation, to the AASD/UASC office – 3505 Camino del Rio So Ste #264, San Diego 92108, OR
      2. CALL the AASD/UASC office at 619-295-2118 to provide your credit/debit card information verbally. (DO NOT email or text your card information.)

  • AASD is also looking for sponsors for the event.  There are various levels of sponsorship, including monetary donations and door prize donations.  For further information, contact Donis Coronel, AASD Executive Director at donis@unitedadmin.us.

    Thank you for your support!
    Sharon and Veronica
    On behalf of the Scholarship Committee
    AASD Scholarship Committee:
    Co-Chairs:  Veronica Ortega and Sharon Rubalcava
    Members:  Vince Anthony, Joe Cavaiola, Michele Einspar, Troy Hickey, Mary Johnson, Jeff Sabins, Lisa Sheldon , Jonel “Shortie” Smith, Carmi Strom, and Angela Zarzosa
    Staff:  Donis Coronel, Linda Crout-Hamel and Patti Burch

    Executive Director, Donis Coronel -- donis@unitedadmin.us   619-813-8792
    Office Manager, Linda Crout-Hamel -- linda@unitedadmin.us   619-861-2701
    Office Clerk/Membership Coordinator, Patti Burch -- patti@unitedadmin.us  



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