Thank you to all that voted on May 1.  Congratulations to the following who were elected to the AASD Board of Directors for a 2-year term beginning July 1, 2024.

Associate Principals Representative – Jennifer Nash, AP, Muirlands Middle
Classified Managers Representative – Samantha Clabaugh, Operations Specialist, Operations/PPO
Classified Supervisors Representative – Paula Hamar, Supervising Rehabilitation Specialist, TRACE/Mental Health Resource Center
Elementary Principals Representative – Kristi Hunter-Clark, Principal, Chollas Mead Elementary
Health and Welfare Committee Representative Certificated – John Aguilar, Principal, Normal Heights Elementary
Health and Welfare Committee Representative Classified – Brian Kenworthy, Operations Specialist, Teacher Preparation and Support 
Legislative and Political Affairs Committee Chairperson — Jesus Montana, Sergeant, School Police
Member Relations Committee Co-Chair Certificated — Susan Kent, Associate Principal, Wangenheim Middle School
Member Relations Committee Co-Chair Classified – Troy Hickey, BSS III, Pacific Beach Middle
Middle School Principals Representative — Jamey Jaramillo, Principal, DePortola Middle
Police Management Association – Roberto Bonilla, Sergeant, School Police
Professional Development Committee Co-Chair Certificated — Silvia Martinez, Educational Complex Director, Logan Memorial Educational Complex
Professional Development Committee Co-Chair Classified – Jim Hallauer, Zone Manager, PPO
POS/BSS III Representative – Matt Fleming, Plant Operations Supervisor, Kearny High
Scholarship Committee Co-Chair Certificated – Mary Johnson, Program Manager, Equitable Services
Scholarship Committee Co-Chair Classified — Veronica Ortega, Operations Specialist, Counseling and Guidance

The full list of the members of the AASD Board of Directors can be accessed here.
We appreciate all members who came by the Open House on May 1 to vote.  A special thank you to CALPRO Financial Network (Joe Bauers and Louis Lange) for their sponsorship and support of AASD.