The Executive Board is comprised of 12 members to include the President, Past President, Vice President – Certificated, Vice President – Classified, Secretary/Treasurer; one Director each from the Elementary and Secondary levels; two Central Office Certificated representatives; one Health and Welfare Benefits Committee Representative; and two Directors from the Classified group.  (Refer to AASD Bylaws, Article VI.) The Executive Board is the planning body of AASD. The functions of the Executive Board include: monitoring the actions of the President; making recommendations to the Board of Directors, as needed, regarding personnel matters and matters affecting AASD; presenting motions to the Board of Directors for its approval; and acting for and in the place of the Board of Directors when directed to do so.


Jolie Pickett
(619) 362-4500

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Juan Romo
Past President
(619) 344-6201

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Scott Thomason
Vice President, Certificated and Bargaining Team, Certificated Chair
(858) 800-5601

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Jeffrey Thomas
Vice President, Classified
(619) 725-7335

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Gina Camacho-McGrath

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John Aguilar

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Dean Darley
Central Office Certificated
(858) 503-1752

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Paula Hamar
Classified Supervisors
(619) 254-4025

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Troy Hickey
(858) 273-9070 x2227

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Irene Hightower
(619) 362-4000 x3001

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Jesus Montana
Police Management Association
Bargaining Team, Classified Chair
(619) 725-7007

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Sharon Rubalcava
Scholarship Committee, Co-Chair Certificated

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Donis Coronel
Executive Director
Cell (619) 813-8792

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