The Bargaining Teams are empowered to reach tentative agreements with the District. Full contract agreements reached between the Bargaining Teams and the School Board, or its representatives, shall be considered tentative and not binding upon AASD until such agreements have been ratified by the active membership in the appropriate units. The Bargaining Teams are responsible for working to obtain for AASD members, optimum programs in the areas of salary, retirement, insurance, tax sheltered annuities, health benefits, and other areas as designated by the Board of Directors. (Refer to Bylaws, Article XIV.) The President shall appoint members to the Certificated Bargaining Team, one of which must be on the Executive Board and serve as the Chairperson, and members to the Classified Bargaining Team, one of which must be on the Executive Board and serve as Chairperson. Appointments may be made from the general membership of AASD, including Officers, Board of Directors and Executive Board members. The Executive Director and the Chairs are empowered to sign all bargaining-related documents, including tentative agreements, on behalf of AASD.

Chief Negotiator/Executive Director, UASC: Donis Coronel


Chair: John Aguilar, Principal, Normal Heights Elementary

Dr. Eric Brown, Principal, Mission Bay HS
Michelle Cain, Principal, Grant UTK-8
Richard Ojeda, Associate Principal, San Diego SCPA
Lauren Robinson. Principal, Hawthorne Elementary
Heather Harris, Program Manager, Teacher Prep and Induction


Chair: Jesus Montana, Sergeant, School Police

Bill Cheney, Food Services Area Supervisor, Morse Cluster
Ivan Martinez, Plant Operations Supervisor, Hoover High School
Brian Kenworthy, Operations Specialist, Teacher Preparation and Induction
Lumumba Mushonga, Supervising Rehab Specialist, Marcy School
Samantha Clabaugh, Operations Specialist

Official Notetaker: Patricia Burch, UASC Office Clerk/Membership Coordinator