The Legislative and Political Affairs Committee (LAPA) may review/research and elect to endorse federal, state or local public candidates, bond measures or propositions.

  1. The LAPA will make recommendations for endorsements and/or political activity to the AASD Board of Directors for approval.
  2. The LAPA may elect to hold candidate forums or AASD member feedback sessions as approved by the AASD Board of Directors.
  3. The LAPA will not make any monetary endorsements.
  4. The LAPA will consist of a co-chair from Classified and a co-chair from Certificated. There will also be one Classified Executive Board representative and one Certificated Executive Board representative appointed by the Executive Board.  In addition, there will be other committee members who are either members in good standing, members in good standing (PMA), retired members or affiliate members.


Marci Lammey, Classified Supervising Administrative Assistant II, Extended Learning
Nina Dixon-Mauricia, Certificated Principal, Linda Vista Elementary


Cristine Holmer Food Services Area Supervisor, Hoover Cluster
Peter Johnson Retired Member (former POS)
Jesus Montana Sergeant, School Police/PMA
Juan Romo Principal, Emerson Bandini Elementary
Jeff Thomas Operations Specialist, CCTE
Scott Thomason Principal, CPMA Middle
Jeff Friedenberg Principal, Fletcher Elementary
Miriam Atlas Vice Principal, Garfield High

AASD Office Staff

Executive Director Donis Coronel
Office Clerk Jim Costello
Office Manager Linda Crout-Hamel

Committee meetings will be held on an as-needed basis at the AASD offices.