The Finance Committee shall be chaired by the AASD Secretary/Treasurer and shall consist of two members of the Board of Directors and a minimum of two  Members in Good Standing. Between the months of June through August, the Finance Committee shall work with AASD staff to prepare a preliminary budget to be submitted to the Executive Board for review and to the Board of Directors for approval at the regular September meeting (refer to Bylaws, Article XIII). In addition to duties outlined in Article XIII, the Finance Committee shall monitor the overall finances on a regular basis.


Gina Camacho McGrath Secretary/Treasurer


Members (AASD Board of Directors)

Jennifer Marrone Business Manager, Food Services
Veronica Ortega Operations Specialist


Members (AASD Regular Members)

Bryan Ehm Mtnc. Plan Supervisor
Susan Jarrold Operations Auditor
Brandon Lemmon Vice Principal, CPMA Middle



Donis Coronel Executive Director
Linda Crout-Hamel  Office Manager


Finance Committee meetings are held at key times during the year and are schedule when/as needed.